The NEW TalysMana Artifact (and Upcoming Contest)

By Holly Lisle

Yesterday Becky posted her first rough concept sketch for what the Fendle Warrior’s Heart would look like. I meant to come in here last night and post the link, but after writing 4000+ words of lesson, I was just too fried.

Today, though, I wanted to let you know her sketch is up. It’s SO much cooler than anything I was imagining.

And she’s open to comments at this point in the design process, too.


I’m going to have a little contest for folks who are reading TalysMana. Becky and I are still working out the details on her end, but from my end, one reader is going to get to be in the book. (Probably to end up dying in some dramatic way…but still.)

If you’ve been dying to die heroically in a novel, make sure you’re signed up to receive the TalysMana chapters. Only story readers will be eligible for the contest, and details will be going out in one of the TalysMana e-mails soon.

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