The New Paranormal Suspense Covers

By Holly Lisle

I finished the following covers for my upcoming novels today:

Midnight Rain

Midnight Rain: "He'll NEVER forget you..."

Midnight Rain: “He’ll NEVER forget you…”

I See You

I See You: "Someone's watching..."

I See You: “Someone’s watching…”

Last Girl Dancing

Last Girl Dancing: "Don't talk to strangers..."

Last Girl Dancing: “Don’t talk to strangers…”

Night Echoes

Night Echoes: "Your past is waiting..."

Night Echoes: “Your past is waiting…”

Because of a bit of a financial bump, I’m pushing hard to get all the backlist up in the next couple of months. To my amazement (because I thought exactly the opposite), I think the suspense novels are going to take the longest. I’m having to go through them and edit to bring the late-draft manuscript versions I have up to the published versions.

The scans don’t have to be rewritten. They just have to be edited, and my guys (and in two cases, my co-authors) are working on that.

So my release schedule is going to change completely, and will probably start with either the Arhel trilogy or the Devil’s Point trilogy.

But there will be books soon. šŸ˜€

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