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I finished the following covers for my upcoming novels today:

Midnight Rain

Midnight Rain: "He'll NEVER forget you..."

Midnight Rain: "He'll NEVER forget you..."

I See You

I See You: "Someone's watching..."

I See You: "Someone's watching..."

Last Girl Dancing

Last Girl Dancing: "Don't talk to strangers..."

Last Girl Dancing: "Don't talk to strangers..."

Night Echoes

Night Echoes: "Your past is waiting..."

Night Echoes: "Your past is waiting..."

Because of a bit of a financial bump, I’m pushing hard to get all the backlist up in the next couple of months. To my amazement (because I thought exactly the opposite), I think the suspense novels are going to take the longest. I’m having to go through them and edit to bring the late-draft manuscript versions I have up to the published versions.

The scans don’t have to be rewritten. They just have to be edited, and my guys (and in two cases, my co-authors) are working on that.

So my release schedule is going to change completely, and will probably start with either the Arhel trilogy or the Devil’s Point trilogy.

But there will be books soon. 😀

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The New Paranormal Suspense Covers — 13 Comments

  1. I think the problem is the _viewpoint_ of the diver. While most divers are familiar with this upright-from-slightly-below position, most people might look at it and thing ‘person standing on glass with duckfeet’. Perhaps a slight angle, so it looks like a more familiar ‘swimming pose’ would work?

    How’s the editing coming along for e-book release on these by the way?

    • Editing is done.

      I simply have too many other things on my plate right now, so the suspense novels and my other editing, completed, waiting on the runway novels are on hold for the formatter (who is BURIED under the avalanche that is HTTS, plus apparently a million clients who didn’t bother to copyedit their work, and who now have a ton of “please fix what I screwed up” requests) and for me to get HTTS and HTRYN out and available.

  2. I’ve read these suspense books and they are my favorite. And I don’t just mean my favorite by you.
    As for the covers – I like the format very much. As Nathalie said, the bottom left text is difficult to read.
    Also, even though I love the blood and broken glass on the “I See You” cover, there is something about the diver image that isn’t doing it for me. I can’t quite put my finger on it. It might be just that I don’t remember diving playing a major part of that story.

    • Matt didn’t like the diver either—in spite of the fact that it was a BIG part of the story, he also didn’t remember it.

      I tried finding an image of an attractive female EMT, but that was no go…so I’ll have to go back and see if maybe something else would work better.

  3. There are only two minor problems for me: the green text at the bottom left is not readable in a thumbnail cover, and the white text under your name is going over the picture in the circle at some places. Otherwise, I love them, they look great! Good job! ^^

    • Yeah, before these go live, I’ve got to fix that green stuff especially. I was aiming for “paranormal” and thought the green glow would give the text an otherworldly feel. But it doesn’t scale worth a damn.

  4. They look amazing! And you’ve got a theme/’brand’ so someone glancing at the cover amongst a list of the latest kindle releases would immediately recognise them as yours.
    I’m…still at square one. Trying to find an affordable a) servicethat will convert word files to ebook format b)cover design that will accept an author based in the UK. A US company I found didnt cover people over here 🙁

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