The New, New, New Schedule

By Holly Lisle

It has to be faced. I’m not going to suddenly walk on water and finish this thing in the time I’ve given myself.

I have to face the fact that I’m going to be doubling up on this, writing I See You (previously Bad Moon Rising) in the mornings and editing Hawkspar in the afternoons.

I’m not happy about it. But the time for damage control is now, before I start falling behind on two books, instead of just one.

So. The math.

70 days until I See You has to go in. Ten weeks.
Take off one day for exhaustion each week. 10 days. I’ll include the two birthdays coming up in that ten days.
Leaving 60 days. Minus one work week to edit — 6 days.
Leaving 54 days.
1851 words per day. Round up to 2000 for safety’s sake. That’s mornings — 2000 words of I See You.

Afternoons, Hawkspar.
700 pages remain. Of those, the last 200 are nearly all green. I should be able to do the lot of them in about two days. So divide the remaining 500 pages over the next 30 days.
Roughly 17 pages per day, but a lot of those are going to be hard pages — I can figure on writing an average extra 2000 words per day on the red- and orange-heavy days. Not looking forward to those, but not every one of the days will be as heavy on the reds and oranges as today.

Days I can do extra without killing myself, I will. Days like today, I’ll just pant like a dog when I finish the bare minimum.

What’s Playing? — If I Was a Blackbird from the album Wild and Beautiful by Silly Wizard

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