The Mystery Deepens… Ohio 4 and Important People Lying

Some days, writing is like flying — it’s effortless, and exciting, and maybe a bit scary and windy, especially when the ground seems a long, long way down.

But these are the days when you have to pull yourself away from the words when all you want to do is keep going.

I managed to make myself stop, because… Real Life.

I now have 9420 words total on Ohio 4 (VERSION 2) — every one brand new, and fresh, and right at the moment, running right between funny and scary.

But I cannot WAIT to get back into this tomorrow.

God, I love this job! Member Updates

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2 responses to “The Mystery Deepens… Ohio 4 and Important People Lying”

  1. dragon Avatar

    It is so much fun to see you work through this.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Working through it and seeing how it all comes together is the best part of the job. And even on bad days, it’s a pretty cool job. 😀

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