The motivation of an intention coin

Every once in a while one or the other of my kids comes up with something so brilliant it amazes me.

My daughter just e-mailed me to let me know she’d created an “Intention coin,” and, curious about the name, I went to her Etsy site and read her description.

And I loved the concept. I love the power of taking something ephemeral and making it tangible, putting it in front of yourself, and using it to improve your life.

I also loved the post on her blog. Take a look at what she wrote and tell me what sort of intangible you want to make real this year. Put it into words that would fit on your Intention coin.

I’ll do a random drawing Tuesday, February 1st and buy an Intention coin (no, I don’t get ’em for free 😀 ) for each of five winners. And I’ll cover shipping, too.

As for me, TAXES are still ongoing. [shudder]

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369 responses to “The motivation of an intention coin”

  1. oduor ouma Avatar
    oduor ouma

    “Mature up.” Been putting up with immature things, such as a wallet that’s too thin, a body that’s too fat and a job that’s not rewarding for way too long. This year 2011 I want to mature up in these three areas: Start poultry farming on my two acres and complete my second book, Think Beyond Employment – by June; already enrolled in body-for-life programme; intend to fire my employer by giving three months notice on 1.11.11

  2. Kathy Crouch Avatar
    Kathy Crouch

    I just realized I don’t have a real talisman-lol. I might have at one time but somewhere along the way I lost my self maybe. I am currently trying to focus on what I am wirting but more than anything at this point I want out of my sister’s house and into my own. My niece-in-law and her two young children recently moved in as well. More conflict. I shoudl be writing but I have yet to locate my reading glasses the two year old snatched up and ran off with from my bedroom while I was dressing yesterday. I managed a few words but I am having a hard time with it lol.

  3. Alyssa Avatar

    I love the thought of these things. They’re beautiful and motivating and carry meaning. (Which makes a great story– Oh wow. That’s perfect inspiration, thank you).

    If I were to get one it would say “with or without wings”. It’s sort of “determination”, “preserve”, “confidence”, “trust” and all those other words wrapped together. It means that I will fly, with or without wings.

    My mom and I share everything so we probably will end up sharing this, too. Which is perfect, she and I will need conviction this year. This has to be the year where everything changes. It’s not healthy for us to stay where we are now.

    We need to move, get my dog’s tumor removed, stop buying miscellaneous things, keep our living place clean, keep a healthy emotional distance from toxic relatives and focus on ourselves

    As Pisces we indulge others’ problems far more than our own and it’s pushed us into a deep hole. We aren’t happy and we need things to change. They aren’t going to without help and no one else in our family will make it happen so we need to. (With or without wings.)

  4. Felicia Fredlund Avatar
    Felicia Fredlund

    I’d go with “Mind” or “Mind Over Matter”. Those words are some I would really need to see/remember every day. I’m lazy when I don’t remember them. I’m stay in bad moods longer if I don’t remember them. I take the easy road, instead of the meaningful road, when I don’t remember them.

    I’m finishing one type of school this spring and going on to college this evening. I like learning but not studying. So I have to remember that I can, and WILL, control what do and don’t do. I’m tired of wishing for the things I want, it’s time to catch them.

    1. Felicia Fredlund Avatar
      Felicia Fredlund

      Obviously I should have proofread. “I stay in bad…” and I’m going on to college this autumn, not tonight.

  5. H. Renee Avatar

    It isn’t profound, but I would like ‘It will get better’. It’s what I tell myself on the days my chronic pain or Bipolar are winning. It’s my mantra when my breathing is a struggle, when I can’t sit up or get out of bed without help because of the pain, when my Bipolar frightens me or my depression shatters me. It’s what I say when I struggle to type my daily words through the pain and sometimes fail.

    If there is one thing I have learned in twelve years battling Bipolar and debilitating illnesses, it is that nothing is ever static. Everything is in flux and changing, and as much as change sucks sometimes, it is overall for the good because when it is bad I know it will get better. It will get worse first sometimes and then better, but it will not stay as it is now. I savor those things that are good, reminded by this mantra, and I gather breath and courage for another step forward with this mantra when I can only think of pain and defeat and failure.

    It will get better.

  6. Allan C Avatar
    Allan C

    Inspiration comes in many forms for me. To describe the feeling that I strive for most it “Hey! Wow!” when I am putting ideas on to paper.

    Self-Motivation is also very important. There was an episode of “Castle” where his screensaver said “You should be writing.” I immediately changed mine to “Why aren’t you writing?”

    We all need a motto, and I realized mine during the recent NaNoWriMo. It is very similar to what Amy mentioned but with some naughty humor: “JFW – Just Write!”

  7. Katherine Avatar

    Hmm, my word has to be ‘determination’. The reason I have picked this word is because I think everyone should never give up on what they write. They should keep going and not just stop because one person puts them down. Sometimes, when I think of my story that I’m writing at the moment, lot’s of scenarios run through my head. For example: I think of other peoples reactions to it, and then I think of the other possibilities that if a reader reads my story, they will hate it. But, my friends and family push me forward and encourage me not to give up on this story. So, determination is my word of choice

  8. Curiocat Avatar

    Sorry, it’s late. Correction:
    My first word is creativation; a combination of creative and motivation. I need help with both, lol, and a reminder would certainly help. The second word is more personal, gratitude. I’m truly grateful for all that I have: my family (human and four- legged), friends (non writers and writers), my home, my husband’s job (so I can stay home), and so much more I can’t list it here. I actually have a gratitude rock (I got the idea from The Secret) that reminds me each time I get down about what I’m grateful for. The rock is in the shape of a car and or a hand with a finger held up (as in #1) depending on how you look at it.

  9. Curiocat Avatar

    My first word is creativation; a combination of of creative and movitation. I need help with both, lol, and a reminder would certainly help. The second word is more personal, gratitude. I’m truly grateful for all that I have: my family (human and four- legged), friends (non writers and writers), my home, my husband’s job (so I can stay home), and so much more I can’t list it here. I actually have a gratitude rock (I got the idea from The Secret) that reminds me each time I get down about what I’m grateful for. The rock is in the shape of a car and or a hand with a finger held up (as in #1) depending on how you look at it.

  10. Tracy Riva Avatar

    Mine would have four words on it: “50 lbs” (for the amount of weight I want to lose this year) “Novel” (for the one I want to revise and begin submitting) and “Love” (to remind me how I always want to deal with myself and others.)

  11. Lorraine Avatar


    This year started out with a near miscarriage and several weeks of bed rest, and it’s only the very beginning of the pregnancy.During that time I slipped and allowed it to set me back in all areas of my life. With my family, my writing goals, my physical health, art goals, starting a small business, everything.

    For me that word encapsulates the physical need to get up and move my body despite feeling unwell. It’s the motion behind sitting with a notebook and writing my stories. It’s standing behind an easel and finishing the paintings languishing there. It’s taking my daughter to the library and the park. It’s doing all the things that must be done. It’s taking back my life and doing instead of laying down and wishing.

  12. Anushka Avatar

    I got shivers reading about this concept. My life will be full of creative growth this year, I’m moving country to go to acting school and aim to have a revised manuscript by the end of this year. After feeling so creatively stunted and trapped this change feels exhilarating and at the same time, frightening. When I commit to something, I truly do leap into it.

    So my words would be : IT IS TIME (Which I realise now is already displayed on the site– but it resonates VERY strongly with me)

    IT IS TIME 2011 ( I like the year on the end, it has more impact).

    Love and Light to all

    1. Anushka Avatar

      ‘Be Fearless’ was the other one on my list I forgot to mention.

  13. Beth Avatar

    “Defy Fear”
    I am scared of a lot; people, talking, making friends, writing, criticism, sometimes even just leaving my room takes a lot of effort. There are many things I start and then stop halfway because I’m afraid of failing, and even more things that I just don’t do because I’m too scared to start. The fear rules my life, and even though I’ve begun to work through it, there are still days where I only leave the house to go to class and then I’m back in my bedroom pretending the outside world doesn’t exist.

  14. Amy Laurens Avatar

    Originally I thought I might go for something like ‘just write’ (pretty self explanatory) or even ‘good enough’ to remind myself that I am. But thinking deeper on it, I would ask for ‘Wake Up’. Last year was a horrible year full of brain fog and some depression and a lot of self doubt. A camp I’ve just been at with an amazing speaker used the catch cry ‘wake up’ as a reminder to open your eyes and see what’s really around you, to remember what’s really important in life, to keep your priorities straight and to live each day with gratitude and grace.

    So, wake up it is.

  15. katinka Avatar

    I think the word for me is ’embrace’. For many reasons – to live life without fear and to do what I really want, I need to embrace it. The embrace implies passion, commitment, an absence of fear, love and union. Lastly, and this is a whole new level of the same thing, I’m getting married in June and hoping to have children too. I want my personal desires and dreams to embrace and be embraced by my union with my husband, our life, our children, and our family. I just love a big, long hug.

    @ Teri – it’s an existing Talisman – if you search coin dealers (in Australia), you will find an artifact of linguistic history – a round tuit. It’s a coin called a tuit. I’m not sure if the spelling is right, but they exist. The pun is of course visual..

    1. katinka Avatar

      oops, I should put an ‘and’ between ‘absence of fear’, and ‘love and union’. I don’t want an absence of love!

  16. bobbyshane Avatar

    I’m gonna go with ‘Persevere’. I think that’s the word that really describes what it takes for anyone who really wants to write and wants to write well. And that’s what I want and what I must do.

  17. Alex F. Fayle Avatar

    My January newsletter was all about an annual word… Here’s the explanation for this year’s word: consistency.

    Why consistency? Because although I was taking my writing seriously I wasn’t consistent across the board. I futzed about a lot more than I needed to. I frittered my networking time on things that weren’t at all productive for my career. I had no regular plan or clear measurables.

    Being who I am – a planner! – I came up with a plan. I broke my goals out into five areas:

    Consistent writing (a writer has to write)
    Consistent submissions (if I don’t submit I’ll never get published)
    Consistent marketing (people need to know who I am)
    Consistent eating (I have food-issues that affect my concentration)
    Consistent exercise (can’t have healthy creativity without a healty body)

    I’ve assigned measurable activities to each area for the year, for each month and for each week.

    And I track my progress, every day.

    It might sound a bit obsessive, but I want to create a habit of success, which means devoting time to my dreams. If I don’t track it, I can’t be sure what I’m doing or what actions produce what

    The best part? By being consistent I can take time off without feeling like I “should” be doing something, which is the quickest way to ruin enthusiasm. By tracking myself I see my forward
    motion and so when I relax I really relax, no guilt.

  18. Tracey Sommers Avatar
    Tracey Sommers

    I completely agree with Rebecca on the power of words set into a talisman. I used to use my cell phone banner as words of power. My favorite had been “Just Breathe”. At that time I was so emotional over so many things in my life that I would need to remind myself to take a breath and relax and I’ll make it through. It worked very well.
    Now I am in a position where I have these moments of opportunity that come up, but through fear or stubbornness I don’t act on them. I guess it is a part of my self destructive behavior. If I were to immortalize words of power on a talisman to give me the strength I need in my life at present, it would say “Seize it and Shine”. If I were able to seize those moments that go by and use them to their fullest potential, I know I would have the ability to shine and succeed no matter what I grab onto.

  19. Nathalie Hamidi Avatar

    I love the idea! I’ll probably get one even if I don’t win. Mine would probably be “BELIEVE”. Since I started my autism website in 2009, great things have happened to me. I want to believe that good karma will help me achieve some other goals too (writing goals, being meaningful to other people and leave something behind me after I die).

  20. Randy Newnham Avatar

    This is kinda silly, but Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax always moves me. Mine would be “Unless!”. 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity!

  21. Katherine Avatar

    My words for right now would be Brave Dance. I’m at a point in my life right now where there are several paths I could take, and none of them are easy or especially clear. I have to be brave to even move forward…and I’ve always thought of life as a series of steps that, in the end, are combined to make something whole and meaningful–like a dance.

  22. C. Clark Avatar

    I’m going to have say – Edit Edit Edit. I’m horrible at doing this. I have tons of novels just doing nothing. So I need to edit and I need to remember to edit. One novel down so far – so many to go.

  23. Susan Tarr Avatar

    ‘Believing’ would be my word for 2011. Believing in oneself, in our faith, in our children. Without belief one has no hope, no purpose, no life. So I’ll add ‘believing’ into my daily vocabulary and just go for it. If I have no belief, how can I expect others to believe in me? Yes, I’ll go for ‘Believing!’
    Smiles from Susan

  24. kimi alexandre Avatar

    I often forget that hardships are part of changing. On the moment of pain or suffering, or even just trying to wade throught the waters of life that change means evolving. So I obviously need another reminder of. “Kaizen” continual improvement through contant change.


  25. Shawna (WMDKitty) Avatar

    For me, it is Yoda’s timeless, “Do or do not. There is no try.” And I could write for hours about kitties. Heh. Now I’m imagining Yoda as a cat…

  26. Paula Meengs Avatar
    Paula Meengs

    Mine would be “Be Gentle, Write” to remind me to be gentle with others and with myself so the words can come from a clear place. It permeates my resistance and puts my rear on the chair.

  27. Deborah Koren Avatar
    Deborah Koren

    What a neat idea! I love symbols and talismans, and have always worn necklaces that are talismans for me. I love this. Right now, mine would be: “Life should be lived.”

  28. Anthea Avatar

    My word would be “epublish!” I’ve just finished a year of writing short stories and putting them up on my blog. Now, I want to revise them and put them into collections to publish on Smashwords and Amazon, but the irrational fear I feel when I think about doing so is something I can use every bit of help I can get to work past. :-p

    1. Jessica Avatar

      I think getting them published yourself is a great idea! Apparently, a lot of people are doing well with it. Good luck on your endeavors! Being fearful is overrated, that’s what my Mom told me just this last Sunday. If you want you story, or stories in your case, out there then do it. Some people will hate them, but you know what? People are going to love them too. Just think of it that way.

      Somebody, somewhere will love what you’ve written. Even if it’s only one person. That’s all it takes for a hit to happen :]

      1. Anthea Avatar

        Thank you! 🙂

    2. Dee Avatar

      Absolutely! Grab the eBull by the eHorns, as it were. And you’ll probably learn quite a bit about self-marketing along the way. Sounds like a win-win to me.

      1. Anthea Avatar

        Thank you! I will 🙂

  29. Jessica Avatar

    If I were to order one, and I’m seriously thinking I most certainly will, it would say “Breathe Deep.” My only problem would be losing it, I would also have to punch a hole through it and turn it into a necklace (great idea Teri!). My reasoning for the words is probably lame, but seeing them constantly would be incredibly helpful. I am a very emotional person, and often find myself crying over stupid things. One of which being my hell-hole of a job: telesales. Worst decision of my life! Whenever I get worked up into a fit or are having a downer day, I call my fiance. Every time, without fail, he tells me to just take a deep breath and relax. I think that if I were to have those words with me always, it would be a great reminder of him throughout my day. As well as a way to calm down without relying on him. One of these days he’s going to tell me to just suck it up and quit my whining!

    It would also be a good way for me to get through my frustrations. If I’m stuck on my book and think I’ll get no where… I’ll just think of that, calm myself down and clear my head before putting horrible words on paper that I’ll later just edit out. So far 2011 has been a tough year, and I find myself closing my eyes and trying to calm myself down almost every hour to get through the angry/sad/stupid tears. Call me silly, I don’t care (I’ll cry about it later!) :]

    1. Texanne Avatar

      Wow–Jessica! Not to diminish your hell-hole of a job (I can just imagine, shiver) but what a fantastic setting it would make for a series. Well, if you write traditional mysteries.

      The past year has been fairly trying for me, as well. One of the other mods–actually, two–suggested that I write my frustrations into a book. Stupidly, I have not done it, because I don’t know how to shape it into something entertaining and because I don’t want to involve my loved ones.

      But wow, your job is a gift, if you figure out how to use it.

      Maybe that’s true of all trials and hell-holes. Whack! Of course it is! Writing about your hell is the best revenge. “The problem is the opportunity.” That’s in the Week 1 technique, if you want to check it out. But, yea, “Breathe Deep” is excellent advice. Always. Even if you have to use SCUBA gear. 😉

      1. Jessica Avatar

        Right now I’m working on a fantasy, my job at least gives me the luxury of a very nice space to myself. So I work on my book here mostly, but I never thought about doing a mystery. I’d probably be bad at it… But I think I’ll give it a shot once my current project is over. Maybe getting all this garbage down on paper and twisting it to thrill a few people would be fun, and… Relieving. Thanks for the idea!

        You brought a smile to my unhappy, and usually stuck there, Monday face. So thanks for that too! Here’s to trials and hell-holes, and the strength we get from putting up with them!

  30. Tori Avatar

    My intention coin could say quite a few things. “ACT”, because my grandparents have tried to enable me my whole life by not wanting me to make my own life better, by trying to excuse my family because we were victims of a horrible crime…which, may have been true, but I am not a victim anymore. I am not living through that hell. It’s over. So I need something to remind me not to let life happen to me, but to choose to DO SOMETHING.

    Another might be “REAL” or “REALITY” because before 2008 I only ever thought my writing was a dream, something I could never actually succeed at. When I started taking your courses Holly, that all changed. You would say never give up on your dreams, you can do this, and I believed you. I still do. So this word would remind me that my book I am now revising isn’t a dream anymore, its on actual paper now, its compelely real.

    Or…well, I won’t list all of them. But there are a few different words that would work for me:) I think the biggest thing for me is that it is something that reminds me to keep going, keep living my life, to not give up, while also remembering my writing goals.

  31. Rachel Avatar

    What a fantastic idea! My intention coin would say “don’t wait” – I have great intentions of doing lots of different things, including writing, but inertia always gets in my way. Rather, I let inertia get in my way 😉 So many times it’s just easier not to start, or once started, to drop something instead of following through. Enough of that!

  32. Dee Avatar

    I think my word is NOW. There have been some challenges in the last few years–family, medical, financial–that really took a toll on my confidence. I spend too much time worrying about what’s already happened. Or I spend so much time worrying about what might happen if I should make a mistake that I actually put up the dreaded Pike Wall of Fear and hide, getting nothing accomplished My creativity grinds to a halt.
    Well, that’s useless. It’s time to live in the now. Work now. Write now. Exercise now. Live now. When should I try? Now seems like a good time. Moving out of the procrastination station…

  33. Victoria Avatar

    Mine would be “Finish”. For one thing, I am always starting stories and never finishing them. I want this to be the year I finish the story I’m working on. For another thing, I am graduating this year, and I need to remind myself to persevere.

  34. Zippit Avatar

    Hmm, I think mine might be “Strive for the Flame” because I want to unlock the drive and determination I know is inside me but I’ve been afraid to let out. I hold a lot of things in and I’m afraid to get started because of how soul bearing it is to let that passion out. It’s something I want to change and be better about in 2011 especially when it comes to the creative and my schoolwork.

  35. Travis Avatar

    2011 appears to be the year I get into writing in earnest. I’ve already been fired up by this site; now comes the hard part of actually doing stuff. And even before I can write a manageable manuscript (though I try every day), there’s boatloads of preparation that needs to be done. My intention would be “The World,” because I have one that needs creating. Good luck to everyone posting so far with their own!

  36. Lisa Avatar

    This is a tough one. After a lifetime of negativity and no confidence, ok just over thirty five years of it, I am trying to strive for positive change. I am trying to find my voice. I am trying to live my life to the fullest. I am trying to embrace life instead of contemplating death.

    Either way I hope this is the year I can dig myself out of the dark.

  37. Glynis Smy Avatar

    I went away and thought about a word I would have on an Intention coin. It is estíasis, a Greek word meaning Focus. I love the sound of the word, and the important message it gives me. 🙂

  38. Holly Avatar

    I’m so excited reading these. Each of you has found something rich and managed to encapsulate it in one word.

    Mine, by the way, would be “Persist.” Of course, that would be mine pretty much every year. 😀

    1. RebeccaG Avatar

      I’m killer excited as well. I can’t wait to make them. It’s why I thought they’d be inspiring to create. I really love being a part of other people’s enthusiasm and if I can make something they’ll be looking at that helps them on their own journeys… Man, that’s HUGE!

  39. Glynis Smy Avatar

    What a wonderful idea. Ooh, I want one. ‘I will achieve my writing goals’. ;0 My new Moleskine has just arrived, so it would be perfect for my handbag. We dont’ get things like that over here, and if we do they are in Greek. 🙂 LOL

    I hope your headaches are improving. After 50 years I have just been diagnosed with Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome. I now have filters on my computer and for reading books. I no longer have eyestrain, and can read faster. My writing and concentration time has improved. No headache in the morning is a dream. I have found pink is my colour, which explains why I like the colour, it is soothing on the eye. Anyway, enough waffle, just thought of you when I downloaded filter. I got mine free via It might help prevent glare for you.
    Gosh that sounded like spamming, it is not, I assure you!

  40. Jessica Montgomery Avatar

    I love this concept. But, I have so many goals for this year, that I’m not sure which one I want this kind of motivation for. The biggest thing I am going to undergo this year is a gastric bypass. It is going to change my life in more than one way. My body will change, my diet will change, my lifestyle has to change, my habits are already changing (I quit smoking, drinking, quit using straws, and quit eating out of boredom). This is going to have a massive impact on my writing, I think, because with the new healthier habits and changes, will come more energy and self confidence, which will hopefully roll over into more story ideas, more confidence in myself to tackle some of the writing stumps I had in the past, and more energy to get to work.

    So, with this, I think my intention coin would say “Get Moving” to remind me that this isn’t a quick fix, its something that I will have to work at this year, and the rest of my life. It is something that, if I get moving every day and keep moving, nothing will ever be able to stop me. Those are my most powerful words right now.

  41. dragon Avatar

    Accept Change. 2011 is a time of change for me. Finishing what I write and monumental changes, I hope, for where I’m going academically as well as writing. 2012 is the year of the dragon, so I need to cope with the changes now. (Mind you, if someone hands me a bunch of pennies, I won’t turn that down either … )

  42. Elmi Avatar

    My word would definitely be “Awaken”. It is not a reminder, nor a wish or even motivation for anything – it’s a declaration, like Mel Gibson’s war cry (‘Freedom!’) in Braveheart.

    It is for the wake-up call to a small, invisible life that has always been destined for so much more; it marks the (re)awakening of sleeping passions and buried dreams; it’s the word that best describes the change that has started – imperceptibly – last year, but has snowballed so rapidly that I now know without a doubt that by the end of 2011 EVERYTHING will be different.

    It’s like the sleeping giant in my spirit has been awakened, and there’s no turning back.

  43. Valerie Avatar

    I would probably put “write” on mine, as well, but there’s a bit more to it than that. I’ve had a huge problem with losing momentum and not finishing anything, and I am absolutely, positively determined to finish my current novel by the end of April (my twentieth birthday). For me, it’s also about moving forward, too. Moving forward by actually finishing more stories, and moving forward with the part of my life that sparked this one. This novel is my reaction to a difficult part the last year and a half or so, and while it keeps this story burning in me, finishing it will be my last ‘letting go’ moment. And I need that.

  44. Michelle Avatar

    For me, my number one goal this year is to build my own confidence. I want to go out and try new things, talk to new people and fully experience life. Even if I mess up, it’s not the end of the world. I experienced something new, and that’s what matters. So, my word is “LIVE.”

  45. JWD Avatar


  46. Lucas Casanova Avatar
    Lucas Casanova

    2010 was a year of realizing who is in charge of your life, who is the first person you should take care of, who you might want to listen when something is feelling strange in your guts: YOU FIRST.

  47. Sierra Avatar

    I friended her on facebook and commented on her fb post. I loved the idea so much. I’ve always liked Talismans and Pendents…

    For me, I would want something that I could look at and it could motivate me to do more and be more of myself. All last year I just took things as they went and didn’t really do much, I didn’t grasp that I was letting precious time slip away that I could have done something in; been productive or creative. And now that I’m 18 I realize how much I’ve missed out on and I want this year to be different. I want the rest of my life to be different. I want to take chances, I want happiness. I want this year to be a Phoenix year for me. And the word that motivates me is “Family” and that’s because it’s them that motivates me. They make me laugh, pick me up when I’m down and give me words of wisdom to fight and be proud of myself.

    So if I had to choose the words that would go on my Talisman it would be ; Family. But in Japanese characters. (

  48. Teri Avatar

    That’s a great idea. I’d have difficulty carrying a talisman all the time because I often wear skirts without pockets, but I could keep it by my computer, or get a hole punched through it and thread it on a leather thong around my neck. I’d be sure to loose it otherwise. No question about what my word would be either: Toowit. Because I’m always telling myself I’ll get around to it.

  49. Danzier Avatar

    I decided on a word for the year a couple of weeks ago. It’s “JOY”. Not the happy, bubbly laughter of the slightly drunk, mind you–I’m looking for the other meaning. The one that means, “So the universe just collapsed. Get up. Move forward. Cry your tears and get them over with, and remember the beauty in life, and go get it.” I really struggled with this, too. I was seriously considering “determination” or some variation of bull-headedness with the same meaning. But I can be stubborn and wrong, and I often am. I know that the only way I’ll be happy is if I choose to be, and choose it again three seconds later, and keep making that choice until I don’t have to think about it any more. It sounds selfish, but I’m looking up from the bottom of the Pit of Despair, and the only way to move forward from here is to get out of the pit. I can’t get out of the pit without being a little selfish. And the thing thing about joy is, once I’m back where I need to be, I can reach out and help others who need it, too.

    1. Holly Avatar

      I get this. It’s what I mean when I say joy, too. Joy isn’t happiness. It’s living your life every day and still managing to love it. Even when things are bad, go wrong, hurt, or frighten you. It’s knowing that your existence matters, that just breathing is sometimes enough, that the sun is there today and will be there tomorrow.

  50. Texanne Avatar

    Now that is cool. And I’m thrilled that Rebecca is blogging! I love to see how artists work and think.
    Talisman. I lose things, but will keep trying. Will now put on thinking cap–Sideways Thinking cap–and try to come up with something. I’d say “Perfect Killer,” but if I were to be stopped for a broken tail light, I’d have to try to explain about the Four Thinking Barriers, and I’m not glib when conversing with armed strangers. Therefore, I must think of something better. How about “Defy Logic.” Logic is the handmaiden of Perfect, it seems to me, and the purveyor of dead plots.

    Good luck with the taxes. We don’t even have our paperwork yet.

    1. Holly Avatar

      You made me giggle. I damn near never giggle. The idea of trying to explain the genuinely innocent meaning of “Perfect Killer” to a cop, however, just tickled the hell out of me.

    2. Allan C Avatar
      Allan C

      I loved your thought about losing the talisman and I love irony. Mix the two together and you get “Where did I put this?” 🙂

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