The Moonroads

By Holly Lisle

Today marks the official start of Book Two of the Moon and Sun series, The Moonroads. It’s a working title only. I’ve mapped out my overall story for the series, and today I’m getting into tighter details and plotting the book, using Plot Clinic techniques and Scrivener.

I’m concentrating right now on building conflicts first discovered in The Ruby Key, and in getting some plot cards on the board. I’m figuring a length of about 80,000 words, which turned out to be sufficiently roomy for the first book in the series, and scenes of about 2000 words each. That would give me forty scenes, and forty plot cards. The book will again be told in first person by Genna, but I want to make sure I have enough story for each of the secondary characters. Catri, who appeared only in physical form only in the beginning and the end of the previous book, will have a central role this time. So will Doyati and the cat. Danrith plays a lesser part in this book—the end of the previous one dictates that.

The villains—I’m having to give them serious thought. A lot happened in The Ruby Key, and my villains this time are coming off of … um … stuff from last time. Right. Can’t talk about that.

So. Anyway. That’s what I’m doing. Figuring out what I’m going to be doing. It’s fun.

The Moonroads, incidentally, will be the first novel I write using Scrivener exclusively. Plot Clinic was the first nonfiction book I completed in the program.

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