The Month 5 How to Think Sideways Movie

By Holly Lisle

I’m particularly happy with the way this one turned out. And it’s shorter than some of the other ones. So I’ve included the whole thing here. 😀

P.S. DO NOT send me e-mails about how great the Atkins diet is. I did Atkins when I was about 24–after I’d had my first kid–for about seven months. I lost a lot of weight. I looked great. I also developed persistent tachycardia, PVCs (premature ventricular contractions—a heart irregularity NOT normal or benign in a healthy 24-year-old physically active RN), and intermittent dizziness and fainting. When I speak of Atkins dieters, I speak from experience, and the joke was on me.

The health problems, by the way, cleared up when I stopped doing that to myself.

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