The Money-Grubbing Asshat from Berkeley

I do email first thing, and then last thing.

And this morning, my first goddamn email was a notice from the Berkeley Humane Society telling me that August is National Make-A-Will Month, and offering me their Personal Estate Planning Kit so I could leave them all my money when I die.

Shitbags. Screenshot 2023 08 08 at 7 34 21 AM

This is pure spam — nothing I requested, nothing I signed up for. And Berkeley is hell and gone from Ohio, which is where my interests lie. (Well, Ohio, Georgia, and North Carolina, because I have kids.)

Whatever happened to “Think Globally, Act Locally?”

I guess if your job is “Professional Beggar,” you get to pretend everybody is your neighbor. Eh, Jeffrey?

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2 responses to “The Money-Grubbing Asshat from Berkeley”

  1. APB Avatar

    Read about the origin of the hair up your ass idiom (which I googled because I wanted to know.) Found you. Read more. I like how you write.

  2. Reziac Avatar

    Oh, that’s not the half of it…

    And the rest are mostly exports from China, where breeding for the rescue trade has become a cottage industry.

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