The Mind of A Latent Vigilante

By Holly Lisle

I keep sliding sideways into aspects of my characters I did not expect. Digging into a bit of backstory tonight, I discovered not just the details of four murders one of my characters committed, but details of that character’s current life that I never expected.

These details make perfect sense, and dovetail beautifully with certain horrible events coming up in the next section of the novel… but I never planned them. Having them fall into place for me today was another instance of realizing I’m playing cards with my subconscious, and my subconscious has marked the deck.

And I ran way over.

817 words. I apologize. I got to digging into this, didn’t want to stop, and eventually reined myself in by brute force, with a lot of material I wanted to explore still to write.


How’s your story coming?

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