The lines of the war are drawn, and Intel is the enemy

Trusted computing — An initiative that demonstrates fully and finally that it’s time to walk away from Intel, Microsoft, and a horde of others.

In this instance, Linux and old boxes may be the real future of independent, secure-for-the-consumer computing.

Take a look — this is grim stuff.

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3 responses to “The lines of the war are drawn, and Intel is the enemy”

  1. Holly Lisle Avatar
    Holly Lisle

    > I don’t understand

    In brief, Intel, Microsoft and others are pushing for a way to make your computer personally identifiable on the Internet, and pushing for standards that would exclude those who are not personally identifiable. While on the surface this lack of the availability of anonymity might seem like a good idea, it is in fact an appalling invasion of privacy, rather like demanding that everyone wear nametags in order to be able to walk down public streets. If implemented, it would give corporate interests MUCH more information about you than they already have — and that is a very bad thing.

  2. helena Avatar

    I don’t understand

  3. Eliste Avatar

    Switch to Mac! The new version of the OS, 10.2, operates seamlessly in a Windows environment, but the core of it, Darwin, is modified BSD (linux) code. It’s truly the best all-around OS out there right now. Apple is poised to deliver their new G5 machines, so the G4 machines should take a dip in price this month or next.

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