The How to Write a Novel Lesson Sampler — Part One

By Holly Lisle

Sometimes it’s tough to explain what a class is, how it works, why it isn’t like every other class out there.

Sometimes (well, most times) it’s a lot easier to SHOW…

So in this PART 1 demo of my How to Write a Novel class, I’ve taken the first 7 to 9 pages of each of the first seven lessons, exactly as they are in the live class.

This includes typos — and I need to mention that because I’m currently writing this class one lesson ahead of the first group of students, at a pace of one lesson per week, and I don’t at the moment have time to go back and fix typos.

All the students in my classes get all in-version updates of their classes at no extra charge — and the folks in first get a better price, because they know there are going to be splinters — typos, places where I could have done better showing them how to do something.

Once I finish the whole class in this version, I’ll go back through it with a group of students who will help me find all the bugs, and I’ll fix it. And when that’s done, it’ll will become the finished version, at the finished-course price.

Because PDFs hang around forever, you may receive this PDF after that process is complete.

But perhaps not. In either case, I apologize for the typos, the little grammar misses, and the other errors that come with publishing raw first draft.

I hope you find the content helpful in showing you part of what you’ll need to know to write novels well.

The How To Write A Novel Sampler: Part 1
How to Write a Novel

This is not an overview of the course lessons.

This is the first 7-9 pages of each of the first seven lessons of the course. This sampler does NOT include worksheets, demos, videos, or the forum, of course. It’s JUST the first part of each lesson.

As long as you leave the material in its existing form (including the PDF format), you’re welcome to share this course sampler with anyone you like.

Download your excerpts from the first seven lessons of How to Write a Novel.



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