The hell with Michael Bolton — Distrust Is a Wonderful Thing

Today, at last, the outline spread wings and took off for me again. Yesterday’s pieces helped, the question of the day before helped, but the magic of the whole of this came from grounding the process in how real people react to weirdness. And especially trained observers, like cops and doctors. Occam’s Razor has two edges — it cuts away a lot of garbage, but it can also cut away the truth sometimes, when the truth is less simple than a more obvious, but wrong, solution. And, as my folks will find out later, it’s entirely possible to be right about the logic of a situation and absolutely dead wrong about the situation itself.

Much to my delight today, I have rediscovered a little Writer’s Truth — “Sometimes the straight path IS the twist.”

I love my job.

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One response to “The hell with Michael Bolton — Distrust Is a Wonderful Thing”

  1. Jean Avatar

    I think you’ve nailed it. When everyone is looking for a twist, straight on to sunset is a wonderful twist! And they’ll never know what hit them. 🙂

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