The Good PW Review

By Holly Lisle

My agent called me yesterday to let me know that NIGHT ECHOES got a good review from Publishers’ Weekly. She’s going to photocopy it and mail it to me: The bookstores in my town do not, for some complex, arcane, and probably diabolical reason, don’t carry Publishers’ Weekly.

It might be a plot.

In any case, PW liked it, and as soon as I get the copy, I’ll post some quotes.


In other news, I did get the monthly affiliate newsletter up on time (Feb. 1), and for the first time, I had three bonus winners, which was really cool. And I’ve posted current leaders.


I’d like to put up links to all the active affiliates’ sites (where you have your ads, if you’d like—this way, you might improve your sales. E-mail me at publisher AT hollylisle DOT com (take out the spaces, change the capitalized words to symbols) and let me know your affiliate name, your real name, and the link you’d like to use.

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