The Girl Behind Curtain Number #3

By Holly Lisle

So I finished the second scene/ chapter of Talysmana. I went waaaay over budget with my word count for the day, writing 1086 words.

(If you’re playing Write A Book With Me and matching me for words, stop at 500, and I’m sorry about the overrun.)

But I got the scene. I found out a LOT more about Nate, and a good deal more about Kettan, and a bit more about the pendant she found. Got to write a scene in the ER, which I enjoyed. Got to end with a nice twist, which I enjoyed.

And I’ve added the scene to the mailing list. Most of you should get it on Monday. I want to set the scenes up so they’re delivered on Mondays and Thursdays, so if by chance you decide you want to join the list over the weekend, you’ll get the first scene the day you join, and the next one on Thursday, because of the way I have the timing spaced.

After that, you’ll receive scenes either the Monday or the Thursday after I post one, whichever is sooner. I’ll try to keep the gaps reasonable. šŸ˜€

I’m excited about the way the story is coming together—even in first draft. But these are early days.

So. How did your words go?

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