The Complete Guide to Fasting

The Fung Fasting Report #4: More success

After the “Failed to drink enough water, felt like crap” fast last month, this month I decided to skip any extended fasting. I have held to:

ONE ketogenic meal a day, NO snacks. We had a family holiday in the month over at my inlaws’ place (combined birthday and Father’s Day) so there one day of eating utterly NON-keto food.

Delicious, but not the way we eat.

We ate, we enjoyed, and when we came back home, we just picked up where we left off.

This, after all, is not a religion. It’s just a very effective way to dump body fat and get healthy.

So. With just Intermittent fasting, NO extended fasts, and with one meal of “Everything I shouldn’t eat, but did…” where am I now?

Waist: 33.75″ ย (85.725 cm)
Down 8.25″ (20.995 cm)

And how do I feel? Excellent. No weakness, no fatigue, a LOT of work done in the past month.

And my size 10 jeans and jean shorts, which when I started this were painfully tight to the point of being unwearable, now fall down.

I don’t have smaller clothes.

So at some point I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get some, I guess. I only clothes shop about once every three or four years, though, and none of the size 10 clothes, which were not getting much use, are worn out yet, so I’m looking at breaking out my sewing skills and taking the waists in.

One Tip

We had eggs and sausage as our one meal on Friday. Was delicious. But unlike EVERY other meal we’ve had, all three of us were hungry the next day.

And were hungry the whole day, and ate like famished wolves at mealtime, and were looking at each other when the food was gone muttering, “What else do we have?” I ended up snacking on walnuts. Matt and the kid (now 20) just toughed it out.

Today, no problem. I’m not hungry, and won’t be until around seven, when it’s time to eat. Yesterday’s meal of a big pan-fried pork steak and buttered fresh asparagus (and the cup of walnuts), worked.

But I can’t recommend eggs and sausage as the day’s one meal. It just doesn’t stick.


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11 responses to “The Fung Fasting Report #4: More success”

  1. Lynn Avatar

    Hey, just a note to say that your success has inspired me to give this a shot. I’ve been doing the South Beach Diet Delivery system and the food is quite good, but, of course, highly processed. I like the idea of doing whole foods that are not as processed. I think that the cost will likely even out even with buying superior ingredients.Thank you for all of the info and sharing your story. You are a good egg (smothered in butter, of course.) ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      Getting ready to do the next Fung Fasting Report, and I’m still delighted.

      “No processed foods” has made life both better and simpler, and the results keep surprising me.

      This has been a GOOD month.

      Let me know how it goes for you. There are folks in the Writers’ After Hours Hang-Out forum who are doing this and keeping each other up to date on it, and who are doing really well.

      If you’re also a writer and not already a member, membership is free, and you can create an account here.

      Readers hang out here. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Megan Avatar

    As a writer, can I say…

    I don’t really care for Jimmy Moore’s writing style.

    I read The Obesity Code, and I’m totally on-board. Working on The Complete Guide to Fasting, and Dr. Fung’s parts are good, but Mr. Moore’s parts are just a complete turn-off. He sounds like a used-car salesman. I don’t need to be sold on a diet… or anything, really. I have a huge aversion to being “sold on” anything.

    I’m really hoping as I finish reading this book, I’ll get something useful out of it, because right now Mr. Moore makes me feel like this is all a really bad idea. I am very mistrustful of the obnoxiously-friendly-overselling-thing.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Yeah, I like Fung better. Laid back, low pressure.

      I’m eating keto because it works. And one meal a day with no snacks because it’s easy and gives me a lot of time to work without interruption. I’ve now cut more than twelve inches off my waist measurement (and I shouldn’t know that because I’m supposedly only measuring once a month, but I had to fit a sweater I’m knitting…)

      Fung points out that ALL diets work (until they don’t) and that intermittent fasting is the thing that will allow you to eat vegan or vegetarian or keto or Atkins or Paleo — or pretty much anything that cuts the processed food and sugar out of your life — and still succeed in keeping the weight off permanently.

      Moore… can be safely ignored.

  3. Tamara Avatar

    Alternative waist adjustment: seam rip open two spots on the waist band. Slide in some elastic, tack down. Repair waist seams. This only takes about 10 minutes per pair (Iโ€™m not fast and frequently interrupted), but it works.

  4. Linda Avatar

    I top my eggs with mayo that I mix with hot sauce. It solves the “doesn’t last long enough” problem.

    I make my own mayo to avoid the sugar in commercial mayo. I do recipes that make about a cup of mayo so I can keep a bunch of different flavors n the fridge, but still use them up before they spoil. It takes 5 minutes and the dishwasher cleans up the mess.

    Another sauce that works really well is Hollandaise, which you can make with different flavors by changing up the acid and adding herbs and spices. It’s easy to make, once you learn how. And it keeps for a couple of hours if you stick it in a thermos. You can reheat it, if you do it over very low heat and stir constantly or use a double boiler.

    Any oil-based sauce like pesto or chimichurri works. Also guacamole works. And comupound butter, which is butter whipped with various flavors. There are tons of suggestions for compound butters online. Basically, top those eggs with flavored-up fat. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t know if you do dairy, but adding cheese also helps with the satiety issue. And bacon works better than commercial sausages. I take ground beef and spice it up with the same spices used in commercial sausages to make sausage patties. They last longer than commercial sausages, and, again, it allows me to avoid the sugar that is in most commercial sausages.

    Of course, I love cooking and creating recipes and I have the time to do it. So, I’m always trying to find or make up ways to make IF work for me. I’ve been doing one meal a day IF most days lately. I like doing one meal per day because, instead of cooking two or three times, and cleaning up afterward, I cook zero or one time for meals. Zero days are when I eat leftovers. That means I can make my staples, play in my kitchen and create new stuff, and still have less mess to deal with than when I was eating two or three meals daily.

    My main goal is glucose management. Weight loss is a nice benefit, but I’m 64 and it doesn’t come off as easily as it did when I was in my 50s, so I’m fine with not gaining weight as long as my glucose levels stay where I want them to be. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Reziac Avatar

    Also, have you not heard of belts?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Holly Avatar

      I have. Women’s shorts and pants (at least the ones I own) don’t have belt loops.

      It’s far simpler to snip and tuck two side seams than to craft eight belt loops from scratch for pants you’re going to dump eventually because they’re worn out.

      From the POV of someone who has sewn her own clothes in the past, but doesn’t enjoy it and now has better uses for her time.

    2. Rebecca Avatar

      I only have one pair of shorts that have belt loops and one pair of pants, lol. And I don’t know if Matt is anything like my husband when it comes to butts, *but* (heehee) the moment my butt is severely hidden behind bunched up, wrinkled denim, he might grump a bit that it’s time for a fitted pair. HA!

  6. Reziac Avatar

    The problem with eggs is not enough fat, and the sausage didn’t really make it up. Also, sausage tends to not have a lot of *digestible* protein.

    I eat a lot of eggs. But:

    If I just eat four eggs, it doesn’t last me very long.

    If I eat four eggs smothered in melted butter, it lasts me all day.

    If you can still see the food, there’s not enough butter!

    1. Holly Avatar

      There was definitely not enough butter. ๐Ÿ˜€

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