Readers and Writers

By Holly Lisle

I’m moving, and inviting you to move with me…

I need to get smaller.

I have too many folks on multiple old-style email lists, and the old technology I’m on doesn’t let me talk to just the folks interested in a specific area of what I’m doing. And I can’t keep up with multiple lists.

I want to talk to you… but from just one list, with only one email address for you no matter how many (or few) things you want to find out about… and only about the things that interest you. I need to be able to give you a way to simply opt in or out of new conversations.

Whether you’re a reader or a writer, if you like what I do, please move with me. I’m setting up a way for you to essentially choose your own adventure, learn more about writing or find out about what I’m writing, but as a conversation where you always have the choice to participate or not.


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