The Friday WABWM, and a Cookie

I hit 70 hours plus again this week doing How to Revise Your Novel. I am DEEPLY grateful for the night off.

But you’re writing. So have a virtual fresh-from-the-oven chocolate-chip cookie on me.

How are the words coming?

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20 responses to “The Friday WABWM, and a Cookie”

  1. Dean H Avatar
    Dean H

    615 last night i’m trying to set 1 hour a night aside for writing!

    Dean H (UK)

  2. Dean H Avatar
    Dean H

    OK! So this is my first attempt at writing on Friday evening I was on 6113 and by Sunday evening 9824 and I’m pretty damn pleased with the direction it’s going!

    Is it just me? But I’m living and breathing my main character Marc Peters.

    A big thanks for the tips Holly in your newsletters they’ve really helped me get into the story at first it didn’t seem to be going anywhere but now it feels GOOD!

    Dean H x

  3. Gary Townsend (a.k.a. G D Townshende) Avatar

    I’ll add that although I wrote a lengthy outline (for a short story), I’ve referred to it only a couple of times. This story has hewed very close to the outline, even so.

    I only hope that my writing of the climax is worthy of the buildup that’s been mounting through these 19 pages of manuscript.

  4. Gary Townsend (a.k.a. G D Townshende) Avatar

    1419 words

    I’ve had probably the most difficult and most satisfying day of writing in this short story thus far! This damned story is giving me the chills! This is the first time I’ve ever planned a story from “Once upon a time” to “The End,” too. I think it is also, thus far, the best short story I’ve ever written. I’m now at 3946 words total, and I’m not entirely sure that it’ll go the length of the planned 7500, but I’ll just have to wait and see.

  5. HannaBelle Avatar

    On second though, I am not going to change projects. Between meetings and other stuff this week, I did a lot of planning and writing. I still don’t have my sentence though. aarrgghh …. back to note cards, scene cards and character cards

  6. Audrey Avatar

    Still no response from you on bad download for course on Motivation–NO VIDEOS–although you collected payment.

    1. Gabby Avatar

      Hi Audrey,
      Have you tried contacting her? I found this link on her site:

      I think if you select “Your Novel or Writing Course”, it will probably jump to the top of her list.

    2. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Audrey,

      The weblog is the worst place to contact me for customer support. I check it last. I check my customer support e-mail FIRST. I haven’t received any e-mails from you, but have found your receipt. Have sent you an e-mail—please let me know what sort of problem you’re having so I can fix it.


  7. Nancy Avatar

    Hey all. Back after an extended absence. 3400 and change on my Nano novel Friday. I exceeded my reach, so now I need to take some time and make more plot cards. Things… happened. Unexpected sorts of things. Totally threw me off the track, but some of it is so good, I’m going to go with it.

  8. Jessica Avatar

    Nothing – taking a day or two off. What I really need to do is clean up the apartment, so I’m slowly working up the energy to tackle that.

  9. PolarBear Avatar

    Got the two thousand for yesterday. Have 200 today. Usual nasty drivel, but it got more fun when the characters rebelled and did their thing for a little while. Of course, that resulted in, uh, unintended consequences, but wanton abandon usually does.

  10. DasteRoad Avatar

    Friday 13th I planned to rest a bit and just reread the previous scenes to smooth it up here and there, but I ended up starting the next scene with 200 words. Gotta love when that happens! 🙂

    Flashback’s over with the previous scene, now we’re back to present time in Erthel’s point of view. She wakes up in her bed with an acute pain in her belly, and having to deal with her mother’s mysterious disappearance. Quite a few red herrings in this scene.

  11. Larkk Avatar

    1115 words
    Writing all those NaNo words had become like slaying a dragon every night; my sword was getting rusty and my arm was getting tired. I had enough words at this pace to finish my NaNo early.
    But I don’t know if I want to, so I’ve decided to slow down and does it ever feel good! My target yesterday was 500, and I still got double that. Much happier this way.

  12. June Avatar

    Between house chores and the ballet I managed to add about 550 words. So, a very nice day.

  13. Lost Wanderer Avatar

    Reached 52256, and won NaNoWriMo this year. Now I just need to write another 30K or so to finish the draft.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Holy Hotwired Keyboards, Batman! That was FAST.

      Congratulations. 😀

  14. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    353 words.

    The Princess is sitting in the “safehouse” apartment alone and thoroughly bored. Bored. Bored. And decides to go shopping.

  15. Red_dot Avatar

    No words today and now I am feeling a little pressure of getting my book done in time. I would think it would be most marketable during the last shuttle mission. STS -129 is in two days and STS – 130 is in two months! Only six missions left. Hope everyone’s writing is going well. Is it hard to write during the holidays? I find myself cooking more than writing.

  16. TimK Avatar

    I did about 1600 words today. I’ve been spending about the same amount of time each day writing, but each day I generate fewer words. (Except for Monday, on which I wrote about 3500 words.) I’ve been running into lots of unexpected research. And then what I write turns out to be emotionally draining. Not sure if this is the best thing I’ve ever written, or the worst. Probably won’t be able to tell until after it’s revised. Whew!


  17. Tori Avatar

    Well, I made it to 1700 words again! I have 21- almost 22k after only 13 days of Nano! I am amazed. I have never written so much in such a short amount of time. Not once. And I have never finished a novel before either. But with the help of Nano and Think Sideways I am pushing through! The only thing is I am scared of the revision. I did not plan this one like I did of my HtTS novel, so I am afraid I’ll have even more crap to wade through.

    My FMC is about to find out that her best friend betrayed her and she’ll probably have to kill her.

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