The Friday Night Words

While I am bashing my way through Sacred 2, you are writing. I can say that the bashing is going pretty well.

How’s the writing going?

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26 responses to “The Friday Night Words”

  1. Clare K. R. Miller Avatar

    I did 526 words on Friday.

  2. Erin Kendall Avatar

    Last night, I got 103, because I was adding to an existing scene. Today, I got 393 of what will be a new project. The idea is about 2 years old, and the MC has been whispering away in my head lately. I decided today I’d get some stuff down. I think it’s going to be cool.


    Erin K.

  3. Don Avatar

    Did 410 today had to cut some stuff I missed to make the strory flow better. About done I read though what I have and making corrections here and there. I know I said I was done but when I scrolled down friday I spotted some things i had missed.

  4. Julie Avatar

    Today’s word count: 1,420.

    I managed to get scene 2 of chapter 2 finished and moved onto scene 3. The word count’s a bit misleading as I had a chunk of writing for the third scene already from a previous draft. I think I probably did around 500 of new words though. I have a fun scene on the horizon for tomorrow too so heading in the right direction I think.

    Sending out happy thoughts for your progress tomorrow guys. 🙂

  5. Treelight Avatar

    Still no new or changed words for me. But at last I spend again some time on refining my background-story and my characters.
    In fact I actually baught a pin board and started to make an overview of the various characters and how they are connected. And while I fill it, I write down new, completer notes.
    However, the best part is that I get a better idea where a character is superfluous or where additional connections are necessary to keep one I really don’t want to loose.

    Oh, and my new villain, Grevorg, has suddenly told me his true motivation to do what he is doing.

    I know, one should make all this planning etc. before starting to write the actual story, but this project sort of grew out of its original skin.

  6. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    1062 words in the translation and too tired to do much more.

  7. Scarlett Avatar

    1700 words today. I have reached a good point in the story where MC is very suspicious of other characters behaviour even though she has no need to be, but the reader should (I hope) think she is in terrible danger. The real danger comes from elsewhere. I wish I could go on with it now as it is very exciting but my children want me and there is always another day.

  8. HannaBelle (aka Belle) Avatar
    HannaBelle (aka Belle)

    We have had company so I have no words for several days now. It also makes me realize that I need to find a place that is more private for writing when there is a lot of activity in our common areas.

  9. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    658 words in the last two days. I am really struggling with my schedule and getting writing time in because I would rather be writing then anything else. I am very greatful for having a daily word count that isn’t so tough to write. If I hac my choice in the beginning, I would have had 1000 words a day and been burnt out. 500 seems to be the perfect mark; yet, I am still able to rejoice with less. This is such an awesome way to write. Again, thank you Holly. Plus, seeing how everyone else is doing is so very inspiring.

  10. Laura Avatar

    805 words and I’ve started my new novel, “Bookworm”… and reached the first crossroads where I have to decide which way to go. I have a pretty good idea how to proceed, though, so I think it’ll be fine. I absolutely adore the characters, and here I finally have a chance to mess around with Celtic mythology, yay!

    Happy writing, everyone!

  11. Greg Avatar

    547 words, making another successful week. Pleased with how it’s going. Think working this way helps not just with motivation, but also gives you chance just to have a little rethink and check you’re happy with the direction of the story every few hundred words. In the past I’ve pushed myself up to 5000 words in a day, then found the next day I had strong reservations about the last 3000, and that I was sick of writing.
    So long may this little caper of ours continue!

  12. Khena Avatar

    1066 for me last night. Finished up the scene where my chars meet the centaur and realized I needed another scene for some explainations. And because I had the end of the scene so clearly in my mind, I wrote that first. Adding a nice little twist for my FemaleMC as she learns just what it is to be so close to the gods, who seem to be fickle and tempermental. But she’s going to save the centuars from exile and help her people at the same time. Too bad the gods aren’t helping her at all, despite her efforts.

    I had a long narration ahead of me, so I had his first few sentances in quotes, then had my POV character sumarize. It was still almost 200 words, so I think I did the right thing. So I have the beginning of this scene, and the end, just no middle yet. It seems I am doing some really odd things with my writing lately.

  13. Brent B. Avatar
    Brent B.

    Toasts to Dawn, Jessica, and Pencil Neck. Always so many great people here willing to help. Last night, I worked on my one sentence, or my BOSS as I like to call him. Plot, antagonist, and setting are locked in the way I want – but the twist feels a little weak, could be better. Today, I worked on building conflict, asking what’s the worse thing that could happen to my MC now. I really took my time with each idea and killed a lot of ideas that sounded good – initially. I’m glad I did. I found one that really hit me strong – a real BOSS idea. It was perfect for the one sentence and really built on it. I know I’ve got a long way to go but I feel really confident. So, here’s to digging up the right ideas. Here’s to getting to Dallas. clank. clank. Cheers.

  14. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    630 words.

    I considered taking tonight off but then… well… guilt.

    My main character’s girlfriend has a little conflict at the dinner table because her parents never liked the main character. And her father says basically that the kid was a thief and got what was coming to him. He died, btw. She’s very upset by the lack of compassion from her father and she runs upstairs and goes to sleep.

    She wakes up in a cold room with her boyfriend, the main character who’s supposed to be dead, sitting at her bedside. At first she thinks she’s dreaming. They talk a little bit. She asks what’s wrong.

    He says, “I’m hungry.”

    Scene’s not done yet although I could end it there. I need to show him losing control.

    1. Brent B. Avatar
      Brent B.

      Yikes! I’m rooting for him to sate his tummy grumbles on the non-compassionate father, and not the girlfriend.

  15. Sarah Avatar

    Clocked in at just over 2100 words. Hero is being berated by his gardener bout being antisocial, all while in the company of the gorgeous blond bearer of bad news. Had a bit of a sticky time to begin with, but I powered through and got some good stuff.

    My favorite line, from the gardener, RE: Likening MC’s cats to rodents.

    “They walk on der floor, thems covered in fur, and they eat outta garbage cans an’ the like.”

  16. Red_dot Avatar

    I only have 197 words today, phone ringing, yahoo messages, top it off with grand baby coming over. Riding high on life still from the good news of Mrs being ok. Even though I only had 600ish words this week it put me over 17K. Chapter 6 is tough.

  17. Jessica Avatar

    859 and not quite finished but a very page-turning scene. Reached a breakthrough when I realized this was better set later in the story, which means I still have to go back to write the scenes in between but it was great progress!

    Unfortunately, this may end with the POV character that readers (at least my CP for now) have grown attached to, coming to a heroic and tragic death. And since his death will be premature according to my previous plot roadmap, this makes room for two other minor characters to get some spotlight time. I’m leaving that decision for tomorrow.

  18. Jim Mitchel Avatar

    It took 551 words to finally finish chapter 7. The chapter ended up a touch under 5K words. By far the longest chapter…at least so far.

    The heroes were triumphant in their first battle against a creature born of magic. One member of the party was badly hurt, but they all lived.

    Future encounters with other such creatures will not go as well.

    I’ll start chapter 8 on Monday.

    It’s such a blast reading everyone’s comments throughout the day. I always find it so inspiring!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    1. Brent B. Avatar
      Brent B.

      Congrats on finishing 7.

  19. Lindsay Avatar

    Word Count: 487. But I did work on writing character bios earlier today also. I could have had more written but I wasn’t really enthuasied about writing when I was working on it. I like what I got down but didn’t really know what I wanted to say next. So I left it at that. Probably wont get anything written tonight. Moving into my townhouse back at the university this weekend.

  20. Patricia Avatar

    313 words, but since my daily minimum is 250 I’m content. Most of my free time today was well spent on research, or *ahem* reading. Ryan is finally trying to figure out a name for the creatures he has just escaped from (at least he thinks he has escaped *evil cackle*).

  21. Kait Nolan Avatar

    It was a kick ass night. 1526. I’m at the verge of breaking 50k in the manuscript. Looks like the rough first draft will come in around 75k (I expect with revisions to hit somewhere closer to 85-90k), so I’m coming into the last third. If I stay on schedule, the first draft should be finished by mid October.

  22. Gabby Avatar

    409 words

    1. Dawn K. Avatar
      Dawn K.

      I was just reading your post from yesterday and thinking about it. I don’t really consider pacing when I write so I’m probably not the best person to reply, but it occurred to me that the feelings you’re having are similar to ones I’ve experienced. Usually when I have those feelings I just press myself to keep writing.

      My most recent novel I’ve been sharing with my writing group in first draft and they’ve been really good about pointing out my problems. They’ve found things I would never have discovered. On the one hand it made me want to toss out the whole story a few times. On the other hand it helped me really look at the story for what it was and make changes I never would have had the courage or thought to make otherwise. So it might help to find a reader, someone who you can trust to be completely honest with you.

      1. Gabby Avatar

        Thank you so much for reading my post and your thoughts. I’ve been trying to push myself to keep writing but for some reason it just came to a head for me the past couple of day.
        You make a good point: there really is no way to know how boring it is until someone reads it. (I guess I was hoping there was some shortcut…lol). I see on here that people mention critique partners and writing groups. Maybe I should think about that. I’ve been nervous because of the horror stories but also about giving it to someone to read before it’s edited. In the meantime I think I will see if my siter will read it. I wanted to have her as the ‘First Reader’ but I guess it’ll have to be during the rough, rough draft phase.

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