The First TalysMana Artifact Is Now On Sale

By Holly Lisle

Becky writes:

The first piece of Official TalysMana Jewelry is now available – The
Taylsmana Viewer. This is the original piece that Kettan receives in the
mysterious package at the very beginning of the novel. This is what sets
Kettan’s story in motion.

I had 30 that I could get shipped and in the mail for Christmas. The
first one has sold, leaving 29 left. I will keep a running tally on the
Etsy page for those interested in purchase. Since this is an open – or in
other words ‘unlimited’ – piece it will be available again after the

Once I am out of the 30 ready-to-ship I will create a place to pre-order
pieces. When purchasing a pre-order please remember it will take about 5
days to create and ship your TalysMana Viewer.

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