The First TalysMana Artifact Is Now On Sale

Becky writes:

The first piece of Official TalysMana Jewelry is now available – The
Taylsmana Viewer. This is the original piece that Kettan receives in the
mysterious package at the very beginning of the novel. This is what sets
Kettan’s story in motion.

I had 30 that I could get shipped and in the mail for Christmas. The
first one has sold, leaving 29 left. I will keep a running tally on the
Etsy page for those interested in purchase. Since this is an open – or in
other words ‘unlimited’ – piece it will be available again after the

Once I am out of the 30 ready-to-ship I will create a place to pre-order
pieces. When purchasing a pre-order please remember it will take about 5
days to create and ship your TalysMana Viewer.

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12 responses to “The First TalysMana Artifact Is Now On Sale”

  1. learn chinese fast Avatar

    This can be a superb subject to talk about. We appreciate you setting up this website. I know there are many searching for this type of dialogue.

  2. Nancy Avatar

    I’m finding that with doing HTRYN, there is very little in the way of brain power left at night for words. So for the time being, I’m just going to concentrate on HTRYN. So no words for the time being.

    Holly — Becky’s work is fabulous – you must be so proud of her! The Viewer is just the coolest thing! Can’t wait to use it myself — maybe I’ll be able to see one of my own worlds through it! 🙂

    1. Megs Avatar

      I’m in the same boat, but still trying to plug anyway. Crazy me. 200 words for yesterday. Drabbles.

    2. Holly Avatar

      I’m incredibly proud of her. She made the TalysMana viewer come to life for me. And if you’re one of the folks who’s already purchased one, you’ll discover shortly that it just got a serious upgrade. 🙂

  3. Jessica Avatar

    Typed up everything from the notebook, put it in order and added another 100. I was going to write more when I got home but hubby might actually have an interview this week so we had to run out and get him something suitable to wear. It’s been 2 years that he’s been out of work (medical reasons at first but then couldn’t get back into it) so we REALLY need this!

    And it just so happens there’s a Chapters in the same mall as the suit store so we snuck in on a side trip and picked up some books with my bday gift cards. For some reason they never have Holly’s other novels, other than Talyn (which I already have and love).

    1. Teri Avatar

      Good luck to your husband with the job interview.

    2. Nancy Avatar

      Sending out positive thoughts! My DH has been looking for three years now, so I feel your pain. Keep on keepin’ on!

  4. Larkk Avatar

    I finally managed to clean Santa’s workshop out of my office and read through more chapters on the revision. Although its great to be reading and revising- and I still look forward to that part of my day, I miss being on the word train with you guys! I can see though, that the muse has sent me some beautiful stuff in this first draft (Me!? I can’t believe I wrote some of this…), and it is now my job to decipher it, and make it into a real story.
    Maybe after Christmas I’ll have time for some new words. Sigh.

  5. Greg Avatar

    Looks like it to me, too, PN!
    KavI: 445
    D&DII: the first 772!
    OFL: 1103
    RFW: 1048
    And also tackled some revision for D&DI – I got the structural, high-level stuff done last week, and am now working in changes to each scene from my notes, along with some polishing! Got the first scene done.

  6. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    Not sure if this post is part of the WABWM chain, but… it looks like it is… so here we go…

    516 words.

    The Princess talks to the police officer to keep from being taken to jail. She finds out that the woman that she bought the ticket from stole The Princess’ credit card and gave the Princess someone else’s maxed out credit card. The officer suggests that The Princess put a stop on the card but her credit company is in another solar system in another nation. It’s going to take weeks or months. She better find some way to pay in the meantime. Oh, and of course, she doesn’t have the ticket she “bought”, either. So she’s stuck. Jobless. Penniless. Friendless.

    I also spent some time working on the Revision and got about 23 scene cards done. I see lots of obvious flaws and places that need extensive tightening/rewriting.

    1. Nancy Avatar

      Jeez, Pencilneck, that woman just cannot cut a break. LOVE IT!!! Cannot wait to read this one when it gets to my local bookstore.

  7. Patricia Avatar

    The jewelry is beautiful, and even better than I imagined it. 🙂 I am absolutely in love with the story so far, and Kettan’s reaction to seeing Gash in person reminds me of what might happen if I ever saw my main character (though I would probably be too shy to hug him).

    On an entirely different note, I got 3,690 words today and I’m wrapping up the final scenes of the book. I’m so excited! Only about 10,000 more words to go, though there’s no telling when the official ending will come up. XD

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