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The first draft of The LONGVIEW I: Enter The Death Circus is done. (INCLUDES SNIPPET) — 9 Comments

  1. Crud. I’m in college [@ 50?!? what was I thinking] running a business, trying to send out another Query package [why do I still press on?] and then you show me the hook for a story that I MUST READ. Only–terrible irony of life–the story hasn’t been finished yet, much yet published.


    There, now I’m over it. The book will probably be done at just the moment I have time to read it. Because that is how the timing of everything works, right?

    Thank you for the update, now I must submerge myself again….

  2. I’m really looking forward to the upgrade. I’ve been struggling a lot with creating a series or three lately. At least I’m pretty sure about what I want to write (with one exception but I’m currently getting feedback on that). As always, remember to get enough rest, Holly. We’ll be waiting patiently.

    • Won’t have to be too patient. I finished the revision just a few minutes ago. Getting ready to do type-in now. After that, the story goes to the editor, and I put the course together. 😀

  3. If you buy HTRYN, that comes with a version of Write a Series, is it the same as the current version of Write a Series when purchased alone? And if so, would that grandfather in as well? I’ve been trying to puzzle that out for a while, in anticipation of having the money to purchase… and that time is close, now.

    • Hi, Shawna,

      The free bonus class version of HTWAS does not include the upgrade. However, as a Big Course Student, you can purchase HTWAS through the Big Course Student Discount page, linked from your HTRYN sidebar menu, and get the course at a discount.

  4. I’m sure I’m being stupid, but I can’t remember if the HTWAS expansion will come free to those of us who are HTRYN grads, or if we have to buy it separately. Can you refresh my memory?

    By the way, the snippet looks great.

    • The HTRYN free bonus does not upgrade. Only the stand-alone version does. But, as noted on another post, if you’re a Big Course student, either HTTS or HTRYN, you can purchase through the Big Course Discount page linked from the HTTS and HTRYN sidebar menus.

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