The Emerald Sun: When in doubt… CLIFF

By Holly Lisle

The scene I’d had outlined to write today looked boring in the light of dawn. So I looked at the NEXT scene I was going to write, and asked myself, “What is the most interesting way I could get myself to that scene…

And discovered that Genna was going to find a cliff.

Not just any cliff — though. She’s currently leading her handful of allies toward something she as the future Sunrider can feel, can sense. She doesn’t know what it is, but she knows she has to get there, that whatever she finds there is going to help her become the Sunrider.

And she just got there… and saw a boulder float into the air.

Tomorrow (in the next scene and in the next chapter) she and I will find out WHY.

1558 words written today, so just a few more than I needed to hit my target. And I’m very happy with what I got.

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