The Editor Revision, now with Extra Migraines! šŸ˜€ #wabwm

By Holly Lisle

11:16 AM

I lost almost all of yesterday to a migraine. And discovered that I’m going to have to lay off the aspirin and the Tylenol to deal with migraines—I’ve started to have the stomach irritation that is a side effect of too much aspirin. As for Tylenol…most dangerous over-the-counter medication on the market if you take too much.

So yesterday sucked, writing-wise. While I figured out how to do the big problem revealed by the edits, I didn’t get a single word done.

Today, headache already in place, I’m going into this with no more goal than to do what I can, and make it as good as I can.

Hope your writing weekend is wonderful.

Write with joy.

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