The Editor Revision, now with Extra Migraines! ๐Ÿ˜€ #wabwm

11:16 AM

I lost almost all of yesterday to a migraine. And discovered that I’m going to have to lay off the aspirin and the Tylenol to deal with migraines—I’ve started to have the stomach irritation that is a side effect of too much aspirin. As for Tylenol…most dangerous over-the-counter medication on the market if you take too much.

So yesterday sucked, writing-wise. While I figured out how to do the big problem revealed by the edits, I didn’t get a single word done.

Today, headache already in place, I’m going into this with no more goal than to do what I can, and make it as good as I can.

Hope your writing weekend is wonderful.

Write with joy.

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4 responses to “The Editor Revision, now with Extra Migraines! ๐Ÿ˜€ #wabwm”

  1. Megan Avatar

    Everyone’s migraines are different, but maybe someone’s suggestions will help. I use Imitrex, but that’s a prescription. Midren and a few others never worked for me. Non-prescription suggestions: tons of water intake (but be careful to keep your salt levels up too); ibuprofen (with milk or food); caffeine; and get your blood pressure moving. Even when I’m so sick that it feels like hell to move, going on a walk with fresh air and pushups help. I learned this when I had a terrible migraine and my boss was being horrible that my blood pressure went way up, and it relieved the migraine for an hour or so. Also, maybe some reading glasses, so that your eyes don’t keep hurting your head so much. And full-spectrum light hurts less than normal lights – let some sunlight in and use mirrors and candles.

  2. Roisin Avatar

    I”m so sorry about the migraines. I get them too. Migraines respond well to vasoconstriction (in a lot of cases, certainly in mine), so anything you can do to cool your head down will help. In the UK where I am, there is something called 4Head – it is a stick of this menthol-y, minty stuff that you spread across your forehead from temple to temple, and within a few minutes it has this lovely cooling, tingly effect. Works great for me.

    When all else fails, I go for a warm shower, then when the bathroom’s nice and warm, I tip my head upside down and pour cool water on my scalp.

    Making sure you take your aspirin with a glass of milk, or fatty, slow-digesting food will help. As will switching to Ibuprofen instead of aspirin if you can get that across the pond (it’s less harsh on the stomach than aspirin).

    YMMV in all things. Sending you good thoughts.

    In other news, 572 words today for me, and I enter “Here There Be Dragons” territory tomorrow with my writing. Hope ending here will give my subconscious time to generate some goodies while I’m asleep.

  3. KenB Avatar

    Sorry about the headaches. ๐Ÿ™
    How about something like Naproxen, it is does affect (for me anyway) the stomach as much. I take it for my lower back pain. Worth a shot at least.

    Hope you feel better. Ken

  4. Jen of Hens Avatar
    Jen of Hens

    Oh Holly – I’m so sorry about the headaches. My mother had migraines for years and years – I have had them, but not to that extent. I felt so helpless watching her misery. Sending you a dark, quiet, peaceful place to be.


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