The draft of Create A World Clinic is DONE!

The finished draft (book plus worksheets) comes to 66,491 words.

I’m printing out the draft now to give to my editor, and tomorrow will be contacting the folks on my beta tester list to see who will be able to do the necessary worldbuilding orgy on my schedule.

Meanwhile, I’ll be putting together the various videos, downloadables, and other things that will be included in the book purchase, or in the World Clinic Expansion upgrade.

And doing cover art.

And setting up the classroom, forum, and downloads.

But right this second, I’m dancing in my chair. Done, done, done.

I DO NOT YET HAVE A DATE, EVEN AN ESTIMATED ONE, for when the book will go live. It will be soonish.

However, now is the time to make sure your free HTTS membership is working.

I’m offering a Members ONLY One-Day Only 20% off discount on the course:

  • ebook
  • worksheets
  • short (under 5 minute) demo videos

The short demos (the same in all three versions) are:

  1. Set Demo
  2. Core Point Demo
  3. Pass-Through Demo
  4. Secondary Point Demo
  5. Disposable Point Demo
  6. White Space Demo
  7. Point Name Demo
  8. General Question Generator Demo
  9. Character Generator Demo
  10. Plot Generator Demo
  11. Conflict Generator Demo

the class upgrade:

  • ebook
  • worksheets
  • short (under 5 minute) demo videos,
  • PLUS forum discussion groups

and the Expansion:

  • ebook
  • worksheets
  • short demo videos
  • forums
  • full-size maps
  • long (half-hour-ish discussion-demonstration videos)

The videos for the Expansion are:

  1. Building A Dot World In Real Time
  2. Building A Line World In Real Time
  3. Building A Tube of Toothpaste World In Real Time
  4. Building A Container Universe In Real Time
  5. Building A Knowable Universe In Real Time
  6. Building An Infinite Universe In Real Time
  7. The Classic Geographic Map as a Fictional Tool
  8. The Timeline Map as a Fictional Tool
  9. The Genealogy Map as a Fictional Tool
  10. The Live-In Map: The Advantages of 3-D

Because of the amount of work that is going into the videos, the price on the expansion will go up after the initial release.

To get the discount, you’ll need to already have a working free account at

And you’ll need to be signed up for the HTTS Boot Camp Newsletter.

The discount coupon will ONLY be offered through the newsletter, and you’ll need to be logged into your account to make sure purchasing the course does not break any other courses you have.

So please take the time now to make sure your account is working. If it isn’t, create a support ticket here:


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7 responses to “The draft of Create A World Clinic is DONE!”

  1. penny Avatar


  2. Melissa Avatar

    Hi Holly,

    I’m looking forward to this! I was wondering how you select your beta tester list? and if this is something that can be joined?

    Thank you,

    1. Holly Avatar

      I have a group of folks who have been beta-testing with me for a couple of years now, and a set number who do it. If anyone drops out, I have openings. Not sure if I’ll have openings this time—but beta-testers have to be willing to beta both courses and fiction.

      If I have openings, I’ll post a request, and the first person or people who have good applications are in.

  3. KenB Avatar

    Good Stuff!

  4. Shawna Avatar


  5. Stephanie Avatar

    Yay!!! I can’t wait!

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