The Deeper Side of …. Cell Phones?

Okay, so he had the good taste to like Talyn. But I like his blog. He’s funny as hell.

And today, Cranky Phone Guy is ragging on massive corporations, which is something I can really get behind.

WARNING: If you are easily offended by words, don’t look. He uses lots of them, and some of them are appropriately rude.

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2 responses to “The Deeper Side of …. Cell Phones?”

  1. Rick Avatar

    “They roll the cost into overpriced data plans so that Mr. iPhone Q Dingleberry can surf the web and tap-tap tappity-tap his greasy, fingerprint-smudged screen until tremors of Steve Jobs’ sanctimonious orgasm can be felt by every angora herder in Ankara.”

    This part had me rolling off of my chair with laughter. What a way with words, indeed!

    I’m definitely going to have to steal some derivation of that phrase, at some point in time, for something. That’s hilarious.

  2. vanity Avatar

    On to the points:

    Liking Talyn: That strikes me as a no-brainer – it’s so well written and captivating. I read it in parallel with your Fire in the Mist story and noticed a few similarities (*spoiler* the horse jokes, a mind controlling antagonist, a female hero that doesn’t fit people’s beauty standards *spoiler*), yet Faia didn’t resonate with me, but I was feeling with Talyn. Fire in the Mist was good, no question, but Talyn was a true masterpiece.

    Massive Corporations: I don’t mind them trying to make a profit, but there are a few traits of massive corporations that give me the creeps. The lack of respect for laws and customers is where I draw the line, so with much regret I have put some top entertainment companies on my boycott list.

    Cranky Phone Guy: I possess the cheapest pay as you go phone, which doesn’t contain any gimmicks and use skype most of the time, so any 3rd generation phone rants are something I can’t relate to. At all.

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