The crushing fist of self-doubt #WABWM

By Holly Lisle

8:18 AM

Got just past page three hundred on the manuscript write-in yesterday. Less than 100 pages to go.

Woke up this morning with overwhelming dread. This is the first novel I’ll publish on my own, without having a publisher pay for it or a commercial fiction editor tell me it’s good enough, and this morning, I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling at 4:59 AM, crushed by self-doubt.

Nevertheless, I got up, hung out with my husband and kid for a while, and am now getting to work.

Life is change. So I’m taking a deep breath and finishing this, and moving on to the next project.

As one of my mind’s little gifts for this, I got the opening paragraphs of CADY: BOOK 3 (no title yet), while standing in the shower.

They’re written down. šŸ˜€

Write with joy. Cheers to you NaNo-ers.

Kick ass.

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