The community is experiencing severe problems

The database does not recognize logins. The boards appear to be not just down, but gone.

N54 may pull this one out, but we have never had a situation like this before, and for about the last month, the people running it have been MIA with no comments to any questions or responses to requests for help.

Please use the backup board. Use the classrooms. Use the temp chat. Keep in touch with each other, and try to let everyone know what’s going on. I’ll see if I can figure out what’s up. But please realize that the possiblity exists that our community has just gone up in smoke for good. We may end up having to find a new community provider and rebuild the community from scratch. If we have to do that, we will. The timing for this couldn’t have been worse, but the community matters to a lot of us.

We’ll figure something out.

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