The child-molester ex is dead

This is old news by now, and I wasn’t even going to mention it, except I realize that a lot of my readers know the story, know that the bastard never paid for his crimes against my two older kids in spite of confessing much of what he did to them, and that these readers and friends would probably appreciate some closure.


The child-molester ex is the only creature in my entire life I wanted dead. Now he’s dead, and he suffered a lot getting there, and I’m glad of both things.

He doesn’t get the dignity of being named here (and if anyone knows his name and mentions it, I’ll delete the post). He doesn’t deserve to be remembered as a human being. He wasn’t one.

He was scum, and now he’s rotting scum, and the world is a better place because he’s stopped breathing the air the rest of us breathe.

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22 responses to “The child-molester ex is dead”

  1. Ro Avatar

    There is judgement, but there is also a twist. The judgement comes from within, which means he gets to relive (not really relive exactly, I believe it actually happens at the same time, because time is weird) what he did, but from the point of view of the people he hurt. He’s not in for a nice ride. No gods are involved, gods are an earthy, human creation. It’s just him and the energy that powers the universe, and it cannot be quelled, nor can it be merciful.

  2. heather Avatar

    My gods will deal with him… that is such good news… I understand molestation court cases all too well. and child molesters get off way to easy. Courts are so messed up. In june, the man that confezsed to murdering my mother in law but shooting her in the head (they had been married 2 1/2 weeks earlier) 5 years ago, was finally covicted of murder and manslaughter. We even had to fight with the courts after the murder to make him realease his rights to her body which took 1 month, the estates rights took 3 years… because they were married. … men can be so evil and I am glad to hear that your enemy suffered, and even happier to hear hes dead.

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      It isn’t just men who can be evil—there are monstrous women out there, too. As an atheist, I can’t take comfort from any “he’ll be punished in the afterlife” thoughts. I’m glad he suffered in this life, though.

      1. heather Avatar

        I hope that old wounds in your family have healed, and made everyone stronger. Yes, I agree both sexs can be just as evil. Just in my case it’s always men. I used to be an athiest to so I hear ya there..Still very happy for you!

  3. Margaret Avatar

    Yay for fate finally catching up and doing what society failed to. Breathe easier.

    1. Holly Avatar

      I would have much preferred that the judge, who was the bastard’s golfing buddy, hadn’t decided men with influential daddies didn’t need to go to prison.

      Prison justice there would have been swift and efficient. But, again, it’s over, and what I preferred was never on the table anyway.

      I would have preferred to personally remove his head with a chainsaw, but that wasn’t an option either.

  4. Shawna Avatar

    I’m glad for the peace it will bring you and your family. Rest assured; he has finally received judgement.

  5. Jessie Haynes Avatar

    I hope this gives your children some freedom. I know what happened to them will never be gone, but I hope this helps.

    1. Holly Avatar

      It has. They’re adults now, but knowing he’s gone has been a relief to both of them.

  6. Texanne Avatar

    I am so glad to hear this. We had a similar round of high-fives when my grandchildren’s *other* grandfather went belly-up. The fireworks we are saving for the good news about my former son-in-law. I don’t think my grandkids will be completely relaxed till he’s dead, and your children probably feel about the same way.

    Funny thing. I just remembered: the story I’m sweating over right now is about a kid who sets about to avenge her sister. Some feelings and events don’t go away easily.

    Congrats, Holly. I’m so happy to hear your good news. Hugs to you and your family. 🙂

    1. Holly Avatar

      Thanks, Texanne. Justice and completion aren’t the same, but in this case, completion was good enough. And here’s hoping you get the good news you’ve been waiting for, too.

  7. Johanna Avatar

    Good riddance to his evil.

    Every child deserves loving parents. I’m glad they always had you, and later, Matt.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Thanks, Johanna. Matt gave both of them a wonderful, strong male role model to counteract all the awfulness that came before.

      I’m grateful every day for him.

  8. Stephanie Avatar

    Can I cheer? I mean, I know it’s horrible…but people who perpetrate acts of evil against children deserve the worst possible end to their (hopefully) miserable lives. Its not right he didn’t pay for his crimes in some way…but the fact that he no longer breathes and walks…and can no longer hurt anyone ever again is cause for a moment of celebration imho.

    1. Holly Avatar

      You most definitely can cheer. The actions he chose to take while alive make cheering his death a moral thing to do.

  9. Alan Avatar

    That anyone should engender such feelings in someone is horrible and wrong. I am not saying you are wrong for feeling them (you are not), I am saying that it is wrong for him to have done what he did to make you feel that way. I am so glad your family is in a safer and happier situation.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Thank you. So am I.

  10. Kyralae Avatar

    I know how you feel and you are perfectly justified. I had the same feelings when wife-beater ex passed away.

    1. Holly Avatar

      I’m glad your world has also been made better by subtraction.

  11. Heiko Avatar

    I’ve heard one should only say good things about dead people.
    He is dead. Good.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Well said.

    2. Chris Olson Avatar
      Chris Olson


      As the father of two smart and wonderful children I can only wonder at the level of brokenness in a person to lead them to abuse their own children. Let alone any child.

      The closest I have ever come, I think, to feeling this is the one time a stranger offered my daughter a cigarette. She claims I suddenly loomed over the fellow and said. “No she doesn’t.”

      I’m not tiny to start with.

      Anyway. If it wasn’t for the jail time and forced time away from my family, I’d offer abuser abusing as a service.

      Complete waste of air, they are.

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