BoxBe Notice

The BoxBe Mystery… Solution in progress

Dan is getting ready to take the next-to-last set of upgrades live, and has been working with old payments on our test site to do that.

For reasons I have not yet figured out, BoxBe notices have been sent to the students (and me) claiming emails were waiting for them. These look like this:

BoxBe Notice
BoxBe Notice

None of us should be getting them, so I have passed the information on to TigerTech, and have let Dan know that something he’s doing on the practice site is connecting to real folks in the real world.

We’ll get to the bottom of this and you’ll stop receiving them, but in the meantime, simply ignore them. Feel free to delete them.

10:30 AM UPDATE: Very cool, but NOT YET LIVE

Just got off the phone with Dan.

He had set the emails he’s testing to NOT SEND, but obviously some of them did send. He’s going back through to fix that now.

But WHY he’s doing what he’s doing is cool. He’s going back through all our historical data and validating payments from before he built me this system, and moving the verified OLD pre-system payment data to the new system.

You know how you needed class receipts from ten years ago to get really old classes you owned?

What this means for you is…

that if you bought classes back before Dan joined me, AND if we can verify the old data (MOST of which is parsing) you’ll have all of your old and very old receipts and classes in your account.

Books and courses that did not belong to me from the old HollyShop will NOT be in there. I don’t own those and cannot provide them.

The remaining issue is folks who have changed emails a bunch of times. To get your old stuff, you may have to dig through all your old email addresses.

And it may take Dan a week or two to finish this. It’s a LOT of stuff to go through.

PLEASE be patient. That which is cool takes time.

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2 responses to “The BoxBe Mystery… Solution in progress”

  1. Reziac Avatar


    It’s basically an email forwarding service that tries to get you to allow delivery of spam if the spammer pays you by the each, and of course they’ll skim their cut off the top. Essentially trying to monetize an idea that’s been floated on tech forums since the beginning of email.

    I’d guess how it’ll actually end up making money is by selling their userlists (that would be your email address) to spammers, to encourage more spam so they can collect more cuts.

    They already have partnerships with AOL, Yahoo, GMail, and a few other providers, tho far as I’ve seen this doesn’t directly impact users.

  2. Betty Widerski Avatar
    Betty Widerski

    Oh – that explains the receipt email I got earlier this week!

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