The Blogroll Key

I’ve been finding some really good writing weblogs lately. Updating the weblog bar, however, has been a giant pain. Also, I wanted a way to let people know when the blogs I’d linked to had added new material. So — I’m now managing my weblog links through blogroll. And because at the moment I don’t want to pop for the paid account, I have weblogs separated by categories.

A — Writer, books available
B — Writer, no books available yet (if I have you listed in B, but I’ve missed your book, click my name on any article in this weblog and e-mail me to let me know)
E — Editor
I — Iraqi blogs
M — Milblogs

I may add other categories as I find those that interest me.

UPDATE THRESHHOLD: 24 hours. Currently, writers who have added something to their weblog in the last 24 hours should have a little "New -" tag next to their link. It might be that only bloggers who use Blogroll will update, which would suck. I’ll have to see. Anyway, for now, that’s the plan.

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