The Blog Rules Discussion

Discussing the Blog Rules
Discussing the Blog Rules

This post exists so that if you have specific questions about the rules on this blog, you can ask them.

It does not exist for you to debate examples I’ve used to demonstrate the rules.

I will happily answer your questions about the rules.

I will delete debate. This is not a debate post.

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6 responses to “The Blog Rules Discussion”

  1. Wyatt Stafford Avatar
    Wyatt Stafford

    Hello, do you recall if you deleted my response to your Locke post? If you remember it, and you have time, can I learn from my mistake, please. I like what I get on your sites/courses, and will be getting more. Just want you to know.


    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Wyatt,

      I don’t recall the response—but you’re not automatically channeled into my spammer folder, so evidently if you got your post deleted, you didn’t do it so horrifically that I blocked you.

      So assume we’re good, and I’ll do the same. 😀

  2. G D Townshende Avatar
    G D Townshende

    Hello, Holly.

    My question isn’t about the blog rules, but about how to post comments.

    I want to leave a comment on a recent post, but I cannot discover how to; I’ve clicked on just about everything I can find, but except for this thread, I never see a reply box. Nor do I see any reply links on any of the posts, except here. Do you close threads to discussion after a certain period of time?

    I’m sure that I’m missing something somewhere and that that’s why I’m experiencing this difficulty.

    I appreciate your help.


    1. Holly Avatar

      I don’t open comments on all posts. In some instances, especially when I’m on deadline and know a post will generate more comments than I can keep up with while getting my work done, I turn comments off.

  3. Lee Avatar

    Just curious…

    Isn’t what we think governed to some extent by how we feel?

    Example (from work experience)

    I’d been feeling for some time that workers around me knew what was really going on surrounding the events that led up to me being terminated (ageism perhaps).

    As a result, I *think* (and I’m pretty sure it’s an accurate assessment) that I was made an example of.

    Situation: I was involved in what is called a ‘PITCO’ (Powered Industrial Truck Collision Occurrence). In a nutshell, I drive a forklift called a ‘turret’ that has a high mast that the cockpit rises on to reach various levels of racks in the warehouse. Well a few of us had passed under one of the warehouse doors and scraped the top with the mast–totally unavoidable.

    Minor incident, cost equal to the cost of a bucket of stucco and about 20 minutes worth of repair time (we watched maintenance patch it up).

    However I got more points for the incident than the other drivers did and it was enough to get me termed.

    Not that I’m actually complaining, mind you. It presented the sudden opportunity to work on my writing without having to punch anyone’s time clock. 🙂

    1. Holly Avatar

      What you feel is governed by what you think. You observe, you think, and you feel in response to your thoughts. It NEVER works in the opposite direction.

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