The Bitter Triumph of Hamtaro

I got a bit over 1500 words today, but did not quite make it to the epic battle — though Thor, Loki, and most of the Sentinels are in the back of Thor’s pick-up truck (Thor’s chariot and goats, Tanngr�snir and Tanngnj�str, in disguise) and on the way to head off the keth. Unfortunately, they’re traveling to that damned Hamtaro theme song* running in the back of my head, stuck in an awful loop, which proved capable of driving out even the wonderful Lord of the Rings score. Vile, evil music — I hope the composer of it is tied down and force to listen to the foul monster he has wrought until his eyeballs bleed.

*(links to .mp3 file — WARNING: This song has NOT been approved by the U.S. Surgeon General. May cause brain damage if listened to.)

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4 responses to “The Bitter Triumph of Hamtaro”

  1. Holly Lisle Avatar
    Holly Lisle

    I’m sorry; I don’t have the theme song. I linked to a page that did, but that page seems to have vanished. You might be able to find it by searching MP3s with KaZaA or a similar service. It drove me nuts enough that I didn’t actually want to own a copy.

  2. Mom Avatar

    Do you still have the Hamtaro theme song in wav format. It’s also stuck in my head and my kids love it so I want to put it on our pc for when we shut down the computer.

    Thank You!!

  3. zette Avatar

    Never mind. I finally read the rest of your posts. I wonder if Esther ‘Queen of the Hamsters’ Friesner knows about this. I think, you know, that I’ll just NOT mention it to her for fear of the dire consequences.

  4. zette Avatar

    You are an evil person.

    What the hell is that?

    Maybe I don’t want to know…

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