The best-made plans of mice and men

Will never pan out if you fall asleep at ten-thirty p.m.. Dammit.

So today, a little less writing, a lot more revising.

The community has been heavily on my mind these past few days — I’m trying not to think about how vulnerable it is to disruptions completely outside of my control. But really, the best possibility seems to be a community hosted on instead of by a third party. There have been many times I’ve been grateful that the community was on a second site — but N54 seems so shaky right now, and there isn’t anyplace else that offers its unique set of features and advantages, which are so ideally suited to our needs.

Having a build-your-own hosted on our own servers would be the best, of course — except for the nightmarish costs and the upkeep. There are no easy, good, cheap, secure solutions. You can have any one of the four, and sometimes two of the four — but even three out of four seems impossible if N54 is pulled out of the equation.

And today’s start count — 44,519.

(written 10:04 AM)

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