The Air Force Kid is back from Afghanistan

After a very bad one-year deployment in Afghanistan, my kid is is back in the States, and on his way home to see us.

I am closing EVERYTHING until he has to go back to work, and I will not be available during this time to read e-mail, check student support/customer service, or deal with any other issues. During the next two weeks, I will not be doing the Walkthrough, writing the novel, or anything else.

I’m checking to see if Margaret can cover for me during this time, but if she can’t, I’ll take care of whatever goes wrong when I get back.

If you have a problem with a class, course, or product, go to and create a support ticket. If Margaret can cover for me, you’ll get a reply as quickly as she’s able. If she can’t, it’s going to be October 10th (or 11th, depending on how much I find waiting for me in there) before you hear ANYTHING. Please be patient. I’ll be back when I’m able, but this is my kid, and I’m not apologizing for needing this time.

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150 responses to “The Air Force Kid is back from Afghanistan”

  1. Marianne Avatar

    Thank you for your commitment to your family and thank your son for his service. We appreciate what you both do for all of us ! Turn the world off and enjoy this time together. Life is all about the precious moments that we stop and share with the ones we love.

  2. Ruth Hartman Berge Avatar

    So happy for both of you. Have a wonderful time. God bless him for his service.

  3. Ian Bambury Avatar
    Ian Bambury

    Does this thing work?

    Please take me off your list.

    Nothing is appearing in your comments. All my requests since I joined the list (April 2008 – whether via email, your unsubscribe links, or posting like this) don’t seem to be acknowledged or have any effect.

    Thank you.

    1. Wandering Author Avatar
      Wandering Author

      Ian, I can see a number of your comments here. I don’t know why they aren’t showing up for you, but I hope you can read this so that you’ll know you’ve been successful in posting.

      I have no connection with Holly or her site. However, I have enough general understanding of how these things work that I will suggest if you would simply click the unsubscribe link in the next message you get, and follow the instructions that is far more likely to secure the result you want than posting here. The nature of automated lists makes that by far the easiest way to get off any list.

    2. jude Avatar

      Ian, the easiest way to get off a mailing list is to mark the message as junk. You may have to do it more than once, but your filter will soon start blocking it from getting through to your in box.

  4. Abby Avatar

    Adding to the chorus of gratitude. Please thank your son for what he does for us, and enjoy your time with him!!

  5. Kit Avatar

    I’m happy for you, Holly! You deserve that time with your son! You work too hard anyway, lady, if anyone deserves a few weeks off (and with the incredible added bonus of your kid coming home), it’s you!

  6. Necia Phoenix Avatar

    OMG So glad he is coming home and is safe. I would NEVER expect any parent to apologize for clearing the boards to spend precious time will their child, ESPECIALLY when one is serving our nation. See you on the flip side and enjoy the time you have with him.

    Oh, and Thank him from me and my family for the sacrifices he is making.


  7. Ian Bambury Avatar
    Ian Bambury

    My previous message seems to have gone missing. Please take me off your list.


    Take me off your list.

  8. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    Thank God he’s home in one piece. Afghanistan isn’t a nice place to be as far as I know. I hope he’ll not have to go back there. Best wishes to him. Enjoy the time you’ve got with him.

    1. Deborah Turner Avatar

      Holly, doing a joy dance for you. My son-in-law is back next week, so I’m with you on this. God be with you both. Hold him close and he’ll be in my prayers.

  9. Lee Avatar

    I’m glad he’s one of the ones able to come back breathing.

    No apologies necessary.

  10. Ian Bambury Avatar
    Ian Bambury

    I would be very grateful if you would stop sending me these emails. I have requested this via your system and by personal email many times with no result, admittedly not in the last 6 months.

    I hope your kid is safe. I would like to feel that everyone he had to point his weapons at are safe too, but if you could finally get me off this list, I would be very grateful.

    Love, Light, Peace


  11. Sara Avatar

    God bless your son, and I hope you have a wonderful time with him! My step-dad is in Afghanistan right now, and it’s pretty terrifying. No one should expect apologies from people wanting to spend time with family, and I’m glad you’re unapologetic about it! 🙂

  12. Lilia Klee Avatar
    Lilia Klee


    Bravo Zulu to your son and to you, his mother! My own son, a Marine aviator (MV-22) returned from Afghanistan this past June. We greeted him at Baltimore Washington International at 3:00 AM (the plane arrived at 1:30 AM, and, of course, we were there). What tremendous joy and relief!!! We saw lots of young people from all the services as they emerged from customs; behind their smiles, we saw dark circles under their eyes; clogged pores and weathered skin. God Bless these men and women for shouldering tough responsibilities and doing without so many of the simple pleasures we enjoy, such as breathing fresh, moist air.

  13. Jennifer Avatar

    God bless you son for enduring time in Afghanistan! You don’t need to say anything or explain why you’re taking time off from your website, your writing, & everything. And, wow… what stories he’ll have to tell you! :-))

  14. Glynis Smy Avatar

    Hugs to all. Please pat your brave young man on the back. Have a wonderful reunion and enjoy those cuddles.

  15. Carradee Avatar

    I’m with anyone else—enjoy the time with your son, and you are entitled to take time off to spend with him! Glad to hear he made it back safely.

  16. JohnB Avatar

    I’m happy for you. Enjoy!
    Tell your son he is a hero!

  17. Chris Avatar

    Please thank him for me and . . . hold him tight. Enjoy your time! 🙂

  18. Carole Weaver-Linsner Avatar
    Carole Weaver-Linsner

    Oh, Holly, I love you more than ever for clearing the decks for your son!!! I have two myself and they live far away. When they come to town, LOOOOOK OUT– ANYBODY WHO WILL GET IN MY WAY.

    enjoy enjoy.


  19. Ginger Calem Avatar

    Holly, enjoy the time with your baby. They are always our babies no matter how old they get. Please thank him for his service.



  20. Denise Avatar

    Holly, you are a blessing to your family and to our country. Mothers like you quietly love their children, yet take the time to celebrate when they are home to visit, especially when their lives have been troubled.
    Take care of yourself and enjoy each day,
    Denise Bartlett
    Lockhart, Texas USA

  21. Lisa Medendorp Avatar
    Lisa Medendorp

    My son is also Air Force so I can understand exactly how I feel. PLEASE thank him for his service for me and tell him how proud I am of him. Enjoy every single minute you have with him, God Bless him, you and all your family.


  22. Teresa Avatar

    Never apologize for taking time with family. I was in your place a year ago. Please tell your son we appreciate everything he has done for us and his country. Without our sons and daughters who put their lives on the line, we would not have the freedoms we enjoy each and every day. We hope you have a good reunion.

  23. Linda Avatar

    So glad your kiddo is home and safe. Have the best time together – or, by the time you read this, hope you had the best time, and squeezed as much joy together as possible.

  24. Timothy Avatar


    What great news! Glad your son is returning safely to home and family. After serving his country in the Air Force, it’s time for a family celebration.

    A big thank-you to your son for his military service and sacrifice!

  25. Joan Avatar

    Never apologize for taking time out for your family especially when that family has put his life on the line for our freedoms! Give him an extra hug from a military family member and pass on my thanks for all he has done.

  26. Texanne Avatar

    Wonderful to hear that he is returned safe and sound. Please tell him for us that we appreciate greatly his service and sacrifice.
    No apologies–your priorities are sound.
    No, go be Mom. That will always be Job 1.

  27. Bruce Avatar

    Amen. Have a wonderful and blessed time together.

  28. P.I. Barrington Avatar

    I also thank your son for serving us, his country! I thank God that he is back–back with you! Don’t worry about us, we want you to spend every second with him!

  29. Christine Avatar

    Please enjoy your time with family and let your son know how much we appreciate all of his service for our country.

  30. Carol Fillmore Avatar
    Carol Fillmore

    You must be thrilled to have him home…and he most certainly would take priority over any other thing that’s going on in your life! Enjoy this precious time Holly:)

  31. Diana Layne Avatar

    woohoo! enjoy your time!!

  32. Nancy Doyle Avatar
    Nancy Doyle

    Glad your son is home safe.
    Enjoy your time with him!


  33. Margaret Avatar

    I’m so glad your son is home safe! God bless you all as you get this valuable time together.

  34. Ben P Avatar
    Ben P

    Another example of your courage and having your priorities in the right place. You’re an inspiration to us all, Holly.

    Have fun and enjoy your time together.

  35. Dasha Avatar

    Tell your son I said thank you for serving our country and enjoy yourself as much as possible while he’s around. Email, courses, and all of us will be right here waiting once you’ve had some time with him! Of course you have to enjoy your baby being home!

  36. Maggie Avatar


    I’m so glad to hear your son is home safe. Taking the time off to really take care of him is the awesome and good thing to do as a mom. Some things just have to come first.

    See you when you get back.

  37. Mary Avatar

    Please tell your son welcome and thank him for serving us all!

    God bless!

  38. AndrewV Avatar

    “I’ll be back when I’m able, but this is my kid, and I’m not apologizing for needing this time.”

    Nor should you. Glad to hear he’s safe.

  39. Patricia Avatar

    Family first! Give him a big hug and hold him tight!

  40. Sue Santore Avatar

    Holly, your son is far more important than answering your email. I’m so happy for you that he is back safe. Enjoy your precious time together.

  41. Denise Avatar

    I want to thank your son for his service and wish you the best in your two weeks of precious, precious time with him. Go, the rest will wait, even longer if it needs to.

    Blessings to you and your entire family.

  42. Meg Avatar

    If anyone thinks you should be apologizing for taking time to spend with your son under these circumstances, that person needs to have his/her head examined. The old-fashioned way.

    Thank you to your son for serving our country.

  43. Jenn Avatar

    That is fabulous! Enjoy your time, and give him a big thank you for his commitment!

  44. Lisa Binion Avatar

    Holly, enjoy and treasure this time with your son. I am so glad that he is finally getting to come home.

  45. Sherry Avatar

    Please tell him thank you.

  46. Taryn Avatar

    Glad your family is now whole and home! The best to you and yours!

  47. Jim Miller Avatar
    Jim Miller

    Hello Holly, take all the time you want. He’s back and that’s to be celebrated. Enjoy your time together and as an ex-Canadian soldier, I salute him,


  48. dlc1701 Avatar


    I am so happy for you and your family. Take all the time you need. If there is someone out there that doesn’t understand why/what you’re doing, I say phooey! on them. 🙂

  49. stephanie Avatar

    I am very glad to hear he has made it home. Afghanistan is not, and never will be, a fun place to go. Taking time to hang out together is so important, especially if he’s been gone for a year. (I thought 6 months was rough…but it was multiple trips). It will help him settle in to being back to…home, green grass, normal people, and a little peace and quiet. Take care of yourselves


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