The Affiliate Program

By Holly Lisle

For Potential Affiliates

Your username can be anything you like. Your real name needs to be correct.

On the Affiliate Program, you can enter as the URL if you don’t have a website. If you do have one, please enter it accurately. You’ll be able to pick up second-tier affiliates through that link.

If you live in the US, I’ll need your tax and mailing information to be accurate. I’ll mail your tax information annually. If you don’t live in the US, you can just write N/A in the VAT box and anydamnthing you like in the address boxes.

I will not need ANYone’s phone number — put a fake one in.

For EVERYONE: Your PayPal address must be correct. That’s how you’ll get paid.

Your contact email address has to be correct, too. I’ll send out a monthly letter that will let you know what new products we have, and will keep you up with other changes in the program.


None of the information in the affiliate program or the shop will be sold, rented, or given away in any shape, form, or format. I’ll use your PayPal address to either send your products or your money, depending on whether you’re a customer or an affiliate. If you contact me, I’ll use the address you give me to reply. If you’re an affiliate, I’ll send you a monthly update on the program. No one else will have access to your personal information.

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