The 3:30 AM Wake-Up Call

I’ve given the synopsis a couple of days to cool. I’ll look over it after I’ve done my three thousand for HAWKSPAR. Starting point today, 12148. Cut a scene that no longer worked with the new outline.

Been awake since 3:30 AM. I’ve started waking up regularly at that time — no idea why. Sometimes I’ll drag myself out of a nightmare and discover that’s what time it is; sometimes my eyes will just open; sometimes I can get back to sleep and sometimes I can’t — but it’s been every night save one the last couple of weeks.

Why? Why 3:30, anyway. That’s early enough to trash you by noon if you don’t get back to sleep, but late enough to make trying to get back to sleep feel like pressure if you know you’re going to be getting up again in a couple of hours.

It’s not the end of the world, I know, but it is annoying.

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