That Radio Thang

My interview is in Cover-to-Cover #185

With sweaty palms and heart in throat, I’ll note that the radio interview I did with Dragon Page will air on regular radio tomorrow. Here are some of the affiliate stations that carry the broadcast. You’ll also be able to download the interview or stream it over the internet.

This is a repeat of earlier information. Things might have changed. If they have, I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.) If things work as they should, however, the link to the COVER-TO-COVER logo should connect with my interview tomorrow.

UPDATE — Sept. 26, 2005: Summer Brooks says:
Hi Holly!

The show with your interview is now available online, and will air on XM Satellite Radio this coming Sunday, with a second airing the following Saturday.

Summer Brooks

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5 responses to “That Radio Thang”

  1. Holly Avatar

    It went better than I thought it had. Of course, while I was doing it, I doubt my heartrate ever dropped below 120 beats/minute. Worst case of stage-fright in quite some time, and in my memory, I babbled incoherently throughout the entire interview.

  2. Kayla Avatar

    I agree, I wish it was longer. I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on Talyn yet (the bookstore was sold out this past weekend!), and the interview made me want to read it even more.

  3. Jason Penney Avatar

    My wife and I just listened to your interview. It was great! I only wish it was longer.

    I hadn’t heard of DragonPage until you mentioned it on here, and now I have iPodder downloading the shows and sharing them to the TiVo.

  4. PJ Avatar

    You were great, Holly! 🙂 A must listen, you guys! Your section was too short, in my opinion….

  5. PolarBear Avatar

    Just listened to it. If you guys haven’t downloaded the podcast yet, check it out. You’ll learn some things about Talyn that I don’t believe Holly’s written about here, and I think you’ll find it quite interesting. Of course, if you have XM, you’ll have to wait a bit, but if I recall correctly, there’s a “bonus track” in the XM broadcast that should make it worth the wait.

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