Thank you for voting on the Suzee Delight Cover Art

By Holly Lisle

The comments, both positive and negative, were tremendously helpful.

The raw test for COVER 3 won votes by a massive amount, but as I noted, that was NOT a finished cover. It was a rough draft.

My overall changes have addressed the following issues:

  • No text over Suzee’s eyes.
  • Brighter skin tone—she can’t be mistaken for a vampire anymore.
  • Changed art style so she no longer has hard black sketch lines on her face
  • Bigger title with emphasis on SELLING and SUZEE DELIGHT
  • Science fiction background
  • All critical text is readable at the size of 66×100 pixels.

MANY comments on the impressions people got from looking at the picture of Suzee, though, picked up exactly what I hoped to convey with that image, so I knew that, at least, had to stay.

Here’s the story sentence for THE SELLING OF SUZEE DELIGHT:

The most famous courtesan in Settled Space murders five senior administrators of the Pact Worlds during a private summit held in her palace, and the results of her confession and the bidding war to win the rights to her execution entangle the Longview and its crew, and threaten the power balance of human space.

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