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Thank you for the birthday posts, and for reading my work — 16 Comments

  1. I understand about feeling your mortality…but 55 is just the beginning. The best, deepest, most moving writing and teaching of your career is yet to come, I just know it.

    • I’m still aiming for my great-grandmother’s 103.

      I’m going to give this everything I have. I love being alive, and I love all the things I get to do in my life.

      And the people I get to spend my time with.

      So…thank you. Good words.

  2. Happy belated birthday, and best wishes for a really amazing new year for you! You’ve done so much for so many, it’s about time some really good fortune starts rolling your way.

    It’s been a bear of a year at our house as well, but your classes and the cameraderie on the boards has been a huge help. I’m glad I found your site, excited to be one of your students, and look forward to shamelessly plug your classes whenever the opportunity arises (NaNo boards, look out!) Take care of yourself!

    • Hugs on the Bear Year. Hoping our next year is a…am trying to think of an animal that suggests things improving, being fun and clever, and being kind of cute, too.

      How about a Red Fox Year starting in January for you and me?

  3. Hey, do you think we’re gonna abandon someone who gets us and why we keep pushing for all we’re worth, someone who tells us like it is and never flinches from that truth?

    Holly, you’re our friend and we’re doing what friends do–we use patience with each other when distance won’t allow us any other avenue.

    Please take care of yourself, so you can help take care of our tiny needs and wishes. It’s reciprocal, you know.

    But most of all, you’re welcome to all the support we can give, because you’re worth it.

    It’s good to have you back, my friend.

  4. No stressing, just work at getting well. 🙂

    In the meantime I have started another novel series in a different genre, and need to write 2 more before I will look forward to the next part of the Series Extension course. 🙂

    As a birthday wish, I hope you find/write another shopping program quickly so you can have many more sales.

    Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday wish from me. 🙂

    • We have a really nice shop in the works. We have a really nice payment processor. We have world’s best affiliate software (seriously). We have fabulous membership software that Dan has made into a work of art.

      Dan is connecting everything into an elegant solution to a question apparently only I am asking—how do you create an online writing school that is utterly simple for students, moderators and administrators, that doesn’t get in the way of communication, taking classes, re-taking classes, learning, having fun, creating publishable work, getting the work out there, promoting the work, introducing writers to the readers who will love them…

      And we have me, dragging my ass getting comments to Dan so he can work on each next step. I’m the bottleneck.

      But we are getting there.

      And thank you. It was a good birthday.

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