Thank you for the birthday posts, and for reading my work

By Holly Lisle

holly-2015-250x250I’ve been trying very hard to stay positive and focused these past few months. I’ve done my best to keep working during the nearly simultaneous discovery back in June of dysplasia in my tongue and the final collapse of the website (when the shop is unfixably dead, the site is dead, Jim).

It’s been tough.

The fact that you came here last week, said hello, and wished me well helped more than you can imagine.

I tripped over The View From Fifty-Four this morning, and cringed at how much of a beating my life and objectives have taken in just one year.

Nothing has changed except my sense of the time I have in which to accomplish everything, but that has not changed for the better.

But having you come in and say, “I’m still here, I’m still with you…”

That helped. It helped a lot. Thank you for being here, for reading my books, my courses, my newsletters.

Thank you.

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