Terry Schiavo: And Where Was Michael?

No matter how you think Terry Schiavo’s case should have been handled, the fact that she has been left in Michael Schiavo’s care is looking more and more unfortunate, and Michael Schiavo is looking more and more like someone who needs to be interrogated by police. Ever since I started hearing about Terry’s husband’s action in response to her family and her care, I smelled a rat. The rat has a face now, in the form of x-rays that indicate trauma.

Question, then: Where was Michael when Terry sustained all of these injuries, including the head injury that most likely caused her brain damage? And is Michael Schiavo a loving husband attempting to carry out his wife’s last wishes, or is he a failed murderer who finally enlisted the help of the courts in finishing off his victim?

And one other odd little question: If Michael Schiavo were to be tried and found guilty of attempted murder (or if she dies, murder), could the judge who ordered the removal of the feeding tube be charged as an accessory? Can judges, who hold the power of life and death, be held accountable for their decisions, especially in cases where they have been material in the carrying out of a crime?

Oct 31, 2003

More on this issue

And more (As an RN myself, this one made me cry)

And even more?

How the hell can this sort of thing happen? Why isn’t that bastard Michael Schiavo on jail?

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7 responses to “Terry Schiavo: And Where Was Michael?”

  1. Aliza R. Panitz Avatar

    There was a case in Mass. or Ct. a couple of years ago where one participant in a bar fight was left in a coma. The other participant served a year in jail. Later, the coma patient’s parents sought to remove him from the respirator; it took a promise from the state attorney general that there would be no manslaughter charges against the guy who had already done jail time for him to drop his court motion to keep his victim alive.

    This was a much simpler case, with undisputed brain death, a clear undisputed chain of events leading to the coma, and reasonable motives all around.

    I hope this is enough for someone to dig up a better reference.

  2. Jean Avatar

    "One on the way"

    That would explain it. (nods)

  3. Holly Lisle Avatar
    Holly Lisle

    And I’m sure you’ve heard of his one/two children fathered with his current girlfriend?

    What I’ve heard (and what might explain the inconsistency), is that he has one born and one on the way.

  4. Sheila Avatar

    Dr. Baden has been involved in many, many high-profile cases, and he’s exposed more than one murderer. If the evidence is there, he’ll find it.

  5. Jean Avatar

    And I’m sure you’ve heard of his one/two children fathered with his current girlfriend? (I’ve heard both numbers given, so I don’t know what the correct answer is–one child/one girlfriend; two children/one girlfriend; two children/multiple girlfriends; a complete fabrication?)

    This is a little more "more to the story" than the girlfriend/ kid thing.

  6. Saphire Ji Avatar
    Saphire Ji

    I agree…I mean what is up w/ that guy??? He’s like "She didn’t want to live atrifically" (i hope dat’s how u spell it) and other crap. I think that he’s all poo-y.

  7. sdurham Avatar

    Wow, that’s pretty compelling stuff. Thanks for the links. I thought this was just a right-to-die case. Now it seems more like a murder attempt!

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