TalysMana: Hunting Demons By Smell

HAH! I love this world.

Finally grabbed the chance to sit and write again, and the story raced onto the page. I had to put on the brakes because I still have to work on Lesson 10 of HTRYN tonight, but wow. The time I’ve had when I could only think about this really paid off.

Kettan is on the warpath, in her own unique way, determined to save her creatures and her world from her ex-boyfriend’s onslaught.

The magic system is landing on the page the way I’d hoped it would, and I’m getting some cool conflicts.

And hunting demons by smell? It’s critical. Think of that moment when you smell something and remember it, and for just an instant you’re six years old again, and back in the place where you first smelled it, and where that scent imprinted itself on your memory.

Imagine the worst memory you’ve ever had, and smelling something that took you back to THAT moment…

551 words before I slammed on the brakes. I’m so excited.

How’s your stuff coming?

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15 responses to “TalysMana: Hunting Demons By Smell”

  1. Kait Nolan Avatar

    379 for the night. One more day, and I think I’ll have this scene finished.

  2. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    Nothing at all done on my revision, but I wrote about 281 on a short story that I am running through ideas on.

  3. Leah Avatar

    1200+ yesterday! It’s going! Not sure how much I’ll get done today since the husband’s returning! Cannot wait!

  4. Karen Avatar

    No writing, still figuring out how to get back to it after the chaos and surrealness of two deaths on dad’s side of the family over the holidays.

    Glad you’re feeling better, Holly.

  5. Kait Nolan Avatar

    Other than one freak day where I wrote almost 3k (yay for snow days), it’s back to the trickle. 210, 307 respectively the last two days. 5 scenes left to go on the novella. The end is in sight!

  6. Khena Avatar

    I haven’t been writing the last few days, as I too have had a cold. But I am finally feeling better. I’m still having trouble with getting back into Dragonfly after my long break. I just don’t know what to do about it. And for HTRYN I’m still wading through lesson 5. It’s taking me a long time, but I am figuring out a lot of things that were bothering me. I don;t know about anyone else, but I always worry I am going to ruin what I’ve made when I am revising anything. So on one hand, I am thoroughly excited, then on the other, I’m afraid I will be making such huge changes I won’t recognize my story anymore.


    1. Larkk Avatar

      Hey there Khena,
      I probably shouldn’t even jump in on this because I am only wrapping up on Lesson 2 (long book and, apparently, I write ‘fat’) But, I’d like to offer my thoughts in case they help.
      My feeling is that the edits, any edits, and especially these, are non-destructive edits. Meaning that with a backed up original we can always go back to that version and start over again if the result isn’t what we’re looking for. I look at it like a remix of my book, turning up the cool parts and stripping out the ones that don’t fit in anymore.

      The 1C worksheet really helped me too. When I think about what I got on that sheet, about the book I want when I am done, I get all queasy with anticipation. So the major surgery coming up doesn’t seem as scary.
      Hopefully I’ll still feel this way by Lesson Five 🙂

  7. DasteRoad Avatar

    Finally got back on writing after a long holidays + end-of-the-year various crap hiatus. Only 285 words, but it’s always better than nothing.

    Erthel wakes up after a dreadful night and throws fat clues at the reader. NOT literally. But still, she notices something weird, she brushes it off with the most obvious explanation, and the reader just KNOWS it’s going to be much more important than what she thinks, though they can’t know why yet. I do, though. Heheheh.

  8. Greg Avatar

    KavI: 610
    D&DII: 764
    OFL: 1067
    RFW: 1226
    Bit more of a slog yesterday. Will finish OFL today, which will reduce my daily word count and leave me with the revision to get on with, but that will bring bit more variety to my writing day, rather than just words!

  9. djmills Avatar

    Holly, glad you are starting to feel better. Hope your recovery is quick.

  10. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    1007 words.

    The Princess convinces the Traffic Controller that she’ll definitely be able to get off her ship tomorrow and go to dinner with him and then closes her comm. She hovers over her engineer who finally hacks her way into the Security computer system for the mine. The Engineer wants to confront the Princess about the plan because, they’re pirates and they don’t normally dock at some mine and she’s afraid about The Princess’ plan. And then when she’s flipping through the security feeds and sees the Captain that the Engineer’s old crew sold into slavery, she realizes that the Princess is planning on freeing slaves. Which isn’t financially lucrative. And she’s ticked. The Princess pleads for a little time from the Engineer.

    The words felt good today. As opposed to yesterday which felt like crap. I read back over yesterday’s stuff and it really wasn’t THAT bad. Worked a little bit on revision. And got stung by a wasp.

  11. Cayleigh Avatar

    3,000 words today and 3,000 yesterday. We’ll see how long the streak lasts.

  12. Phil Avatar

    About 1200 tonight and close to that last night. It’s weird, but I can sit there and look at the page and think I have nothing to say, but write just one or two words and Wham! I’m off and running.

    1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
      The Pencil Neck

      That’s a great feeling.

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