Talyn Update

Seems like a reasonable time for an update. I currently have 772 pages on Talyn, and 160,022 words. As a reminder, goal is 1200 pages and 250,000 words. This puts me roughly 64% of the way done with the first draft. I’m on schedule timewise, and because I’ve been exceeding my daily minimum lately, I’m gaining ground and edit days rather than losing them.

The story is past the mid-point twist and my folks currently look like they’re doing a great job of gaining ground against an implacable enemy that seems to have all the odds in his favor. Of course, my guys are about to get the rug pulled out from under their feet and find out that their situation is much, much worse than they had thought.

I had about forty pages on 5/04 when I started work on Talyn. So I’ve written about 730 pages that I could keep since then. This doesn’t include the couple hundred I’ve thrown out along the way, including that one big chunk a few weeks ago.

If you’re curious about the book’s progress, you can search the word Talyn in the search box at the bottom of the weblog and see exactly how it has been going, without any interruptions from other entries. I do love the Greylog search. It’s fast and it seems to be comprehensive.

Onward, then. I have words to go before I’m done.

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