TALYN Rights Reversion Party 10 AM–3 PM Friday (Eastern Time)

By Holly Lisle

Party on Friday

Party on Friday

I’m throwing a party in honor of my agent, Robin Rue, her assistant, Beth Miller, and the very fine folks at WRITERS HOUSE, my agency. The party will be this Friday between 10 AM and 3 PM (my Friday work hours), and will be here, so everyone can attend, and also simultaneously on Twitter.

You don’t have to do anything special to participate on the weblog, but if you want the live feed, you’ll need to create a Twitter account, and then follow me.

Twitter is here:


My Twitter name is:


I’m taking the day to just hang out online and talk to people, eat virtual chocolate, drink virtual champagne, and litter the place with virtual confetti.


Because for more than six months, I’ve been requesting rights reversion on TALYN, which has been out of print for quite a while.

And AFTER more than six months had passed, I received notice that Tor would not be reverting the rights; that they had decided to print ebook versions of both TALYN

At which point, Robin and Beth got all the necessary paperwork together, and informed Tor that it had passe its six month grace period, and that their position was
the rights belonged to me.

There was a long, painful silence between last week and this week.

And then today, I received the rights reversion from Robin and Beth.

TALYN, which I consider the single best book I’ve written to date, once again belongs solely to me.

I’ll send you a reminder either late Thursday or early Friday. And a link to the party page.

I hope you’ll join me. We’ll have fun.


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