TALYN Copies Arrived

I finally received my author’s copies of TALYN. I have several copies I’m sending out; not sure how many I’ll have left when I’m done, but we’ll do something fun with them.

No word on Judi, either last night or this morning.

And I’m still doing taxes.

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5 responses to “TALYN Copies Arrived”

  1. Breece Avatar

    nm! Deeeeeeeelete. It was nice to see you. 🙂

  2. Breece Avatar

    Apologies for the out-of-place posting, but this just caught my attention, Holly: http://technicon.org/tcon23/schedule.php

    There’s nothing noted on your site about it, so I thought it peculiar.

  3. Holly Avatar

    It took that long. There were crossed signals, a mixed-up shipping record, and a lot of misunderstood e-mails.

    Usually I get author copies a month or two after the book is on the shelves.

    As for the difference between reader copies (or ARCs) and author copies; reader copies are unproofed and usually perfect-bound copies sent out to people who might recommend the book prior to its release. Author copies are finished copies that are written into your contract as the author, so that you can send them off to family and friends and stick a couple on your brag shelf.

  4. arainsb123 Avatar

    It took THAT LONG?!!

  5. shay Avatar

    are author copies different to reader copies?
    hope your friend gets well soon…

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