Talyn and Broegga

By Holly Lisle

Did all right but not terrific on Talyn today. I’ll try to get the last of the day’s words tonight after Talking Child goes to sleep and stops verbally drilling holes in my skull. The phrase “Mommy-Mommy-Mommy-I-need-to-tell-you-something” is about to drive me out of my ever-loving gourd. I still feel like I’ve stalled out on the story. I know what’s coming, but even with a hellish ice storm and a conspiracy against the current government and the rescue of two prisoners of war from certain and awful death and the hiding of a forbidden lover, the story seems like it’s in the doldrums to me.

Though, having written that last sentence and having read what I just wrote, I have to confess the problem may just be a temporary problem of perception. That’s a LOT of stuff going on, and it’s all important and relevant.

Did some of the Rules for Broegga today. Looked over the Wizards of the Coast and GNU Open-Source licenses and sent a request to the responsible party at WOTC asking if I might use some of their legal language in our agreement. Put out an open call to the community for suggestions for additional necessary rules for Broegga. Added Bounce and Broegga links to the site headers and footers, and once again praised the beauty of those SSI templates. Two files changed and uploaded, every page that uses the template accurately and instantly updated. Joy.

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