Another Cadence Drake start pops up — 12,862 words

I woke up at around five-ish this morning knowing the next chapter of┬áThe Wishbone Conspiracy, my next Cady Drake novel. And thought about it for a while, and decided that I would write it once I got up and got showered. And am sitting down to do that. But on my way to getting there,… Continue reading Another Cadence Drake start pops up — 12,862 words

Published the WARPAINT Soundtrack

It took a while to find the right music for WARPAINT. First, this is the music I have playing in the background while I write, so it has to fit the universe, the characters, and the “feel” of a lived-in place full of real humans, real needs, and the themes of the story. And it… Continue reading Published the WARPAINT Soundtrack

Cadence Drake and the Darkness

I’d originally set Cadence Drake: Warpaint (my current work in progress) three years after the events in Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood. I did this because I wanted to get back to Cady’s story after she’d beaten the darkness from the first book, after she had found her way back to being a whole human being… Continue reading Cadence Drake and the Darkness