Not a revision. A new story.

By Holly Lisle

So I printed out my draft of The Vipers’ Nest, and today I read through it, sorting as I went.

32,000 words of what I wrote came out, and will go into Longview 5: The Vipers’ Nest

Keeping Matt’s comments in mind, I focused on finding the quiet space forĀ this story.

This story will just be the tale of Jex. Jex, who was WE-39R in Tales from the Longview #1: Born from Fire (Enter the Death Circus), is taken out of storage along with several other men, all of whom are given a chance to earn their place on the ship’s crew if they can find something in the dead philosopher’s belongings that can explain the meaning of the enigmatic diagram that was his solution.After 1208 words this morning, I’m pleased to have 7881 words done, and to be on the right track for this story.

Which will be Longview 4, and which at the moment doesn’t have a title.

So this might end up being a late-December release. It’s going to be shorter, I think. It’s going to be mostly in Jex’s voice.

And it’s the calm before the storm that’s coming.

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